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Your garden is the best part of your home

Make the Garden the Best Part of Any Property

When you think about how amazing you want your home to look, you may not think about the garden. But this is a mistake because the garden can make all the difference. What you need to do is think about how the right design can turn your garden into the[…]

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Protecting Your Plants From The Harsh Weather

Winter Garden: Protecting Your Plants From The Harsh Weather

During the summer, gardening is easy. Most people love waking up to the warm weather and spending the day maintaining the plants, grass and soil. But, when the weather turns, gardening becomes an entirely different prospect. All of a sudden, it becomes much harder, and much less enjoyable, to keep[…]

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What Are the Health Benefits of Organic Gardening

What Are the Health Benefits of Organic Gardening?

More and more people are deciding to grow their own organic food. But what are the health benefits of doing this? Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food The first thing to discuss is the fact that eating organic food is good for you. If you’re growing your own food in[…]

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5 Essential Garden Upgrades Before Winter Takes Over

5 Essential Garden Upgrades Before Winter Takes Over

It’s no surprise that gardeners love the summer. We get to spend hours outside in the warm sunshine, tending to the lawn and flowerbeds. Even the evenings are nice and long, so we can get our hands dirty after work. But, unfortunately, those colder evenings are already beginning to draw[…]

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How To Build Your Garden From Nothing

If you’re a keen gardener, you might be up for taking on a project. Moving house means saying goodbye to the garden we have tended. Instead, we inherit something new, that can often be in a terrible state. This is especially true if you have bought a doer-upper or project[…]

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4 Essential Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Organic Garden

There’s nothing quite like a great garden. When maintained properly, it’s easily one of the best places in the entire home. In recent years, more and more people have turned to organic ventures to increase the quality of theirs. Nonetheless, knowing that you want an organic garden isn’t the same[…]

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Dream custom outdoor kitchen and fireplaces in Novato CA

Dream Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

Today’s summertime kitchen area is outdoors in a gazebo or on a patio and has all of the necessities of the indoor kitchen area – from a refrigerator to the proverbial kitchen area sink and that too is there. If you are a beer enthusiast you can have a place for the[…]

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