Bring Zen to Your Garden

Bring The Zen To Your Garden As Well As Your Mind

Everyone wants to have a clear, peaceful mind, free of stress and worry. – There’s far too many beautiful things in life to waste time focusing on the bad. One way to practise this is by having a clear space to reside in that’s attractive, calming, and free of clutter[…]

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A Beginner's Guide to Composting

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

If you are looking to improve the state of your garden over the coming months, then getting into composting is one of the best ways to do it. Because, when you break down leaves, grass, and natural food waste like egg shells, and fruit scraps, you get a dark soil[…]

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Preparing the grass for the cold

The Lawn Yawn: Preparing The Grass For The Cold

Everyone with a lawn or a backyard that is covered in grass wants to have that lush greenery to be proud of. The end of the summertime doesn’t mean the end of caring for your lawn, even if the rains and frost that approach can make it feel that way![…]

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5 Gardens in 1

5 Gardens In 1 To Suit Every Family Member

If you’re lucky enough to have a good sized back yard or garden, then chances are your family often fight over it. The kids want to bounce on the trampoline or shoot some hoops. Dad wants to set up a bar by the grill to enjoy some time with a[…]

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