4 Of The Best Ways To Pincher-Proof Your Backyard

Best Ways To Pincher-Proof Your Backyard

One of the biggest things that is overlooked in both the home and the office is security. You’d be surprised the number of people who lock their front and back door at the end of the day and believe that’s enough to deter people from trying their luck. We often think about indoor security; padlocks, deadbolts and alarms are popular items in the security market. However, we don’t often think about the backyard of the home.

Patio furniture and bikes are both targets, but even things like built-in water features, garden pots, decking and sheds are targets for chancers out there who want to pinch what you’ve worked hard for. The good news is that there are things that you can do that are more than just the standard padlocking the gate. Security is important so, here’s four of the best ways you can increase your outdoor security.


Garden lighting is a big market, with solar and spotlighting being popular with homeowners everywhere. If there’s one thing that you absolutely should be investing in as a homeowner, it’s sensor lights. Motion sensor lighting is most useful when you want to add in as much extra security as you can afford. It’s really efficient if you have an area that is overgrown or full of bushes which are easy to hide in.

Outdoor Protection

If you have installed your new motion sensor lights, there’s a good chance you’ve got them to watch over certain areas and equipment in the garden. While it’s not advisable to leave garden furniture laying around, if you have no storage for it then you have no choice. Instead, you need to protect the things that you leave outside from disappearing when you’re not around. Always secure the ladders you may have in the yard with chains and padlocks.

Strong Borders

Your home is your castle and in that spirit, you should be treating it like a fort. Check out AmericanFence.com for strong fences that are hard to break through or climb. Having these around your backyard is preferable to a weak wooden fence, as these can be easily climbed and aren’t the best deterrent. A chain link fence with spikes on top? Now, that there is a deterrent! You need to also ensure that your fencing has the right locking mechanism; it’s all fine to have a tall, metal fence with spikes on the top but if you leave it unlocked, what’s the point?

Loud Alarms

Having a loud, ringing alarm if someone breaks into your property is important. However, as you can’t have an alarm for someone stepping into your yard, then you need to think about how visible your alarm system is for thieves. Having large signs in view, as well as having the actual alarm on the side of the house visible to the public is important. You are basically shouting that your home will alarm if it’s touched.

Take the time to make the right changes and you can make sure your castle has the moat and the fort around it to keep it protected. Take no chances and be vigilant; this is your home, after all.

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