5 Essential Garden Upgrades Before Winter Takes Over

5 Essential Garden Upgrades Before Winter Takes Over

It’s no surprise that gardeners love the summer. We get to spend hours outside in the warm sunshine, tending to the lawn and flowerbeds. Even the evenings are nice and long, so we can get our hands dirty after work. But, unfortunately, those colder evenings are already beginning to draw closer. The cold is creeping in, and the perennials are already shrinking back into their buds. That’s right, gardeners, winter is coming! That means icy ground, rusting tools, and snow on the lawn. It stops our hobby right in its tracks. Luckily, you’ve got a few more good gardening weeks left in the year. Let’s make the most of them!

1. Build a garden deck

Autumn is the perfect time to build a new wooden deck. It will take a few long days of work, but that’s why now is the right time. When those first few rays of sunshine appear next year, you’ll be straight out on your new deck! Build it now, and it’s ready for Spring next year. Just think of those warm summer nights out under the stars. That is motivation enough! It’s easier than you think to build one too. First, get your hands on some quality Fiberon decking (make sure it’s weather resistant for the winter). Then sketch out a plan, mark out the territory, and cut to size. Make sure you start with some solid flagstone foundations, and you’re all set.


2. Patio and pathways

If a wooden deck isn’t your thing, try a paved patio and pathway. It’s another great way to transform an unloved garden into a beautiful outdoor space. By building it now, you’re ready for next year’s sun. Again, you can make this yourself fairly easily. Your local garden centre will have a variety of flagstones and paving slabs to choose from. Simply purchase the required amount, and lay them in place. You can complete them with decorative pebbles or wood chippings for a professional finish.


3. Plant evergreens

It’s not easy to keep your garden in bloom over the winter. The summer flowers and plants are already starting to wilt and die. Rather than leaving your garden empty and bare, start planting some evergreen plants and shrubs. It will fill the gaps, and keep the yard looking lush and green. They don’t need much care and attention either, so they’re nice and simple.


4. Tidy and protect the lawn

The lawn often takes the biggest hit over the winter. The icy weather hardens the ground, and thins out the grass. Large, dry, brown patches start to emerge, and the turf itself begins to disappear. You can keep it fresh by puncturing large, deep holes into the ground. It will help it breathe and drain effectively over the winter. Next, spray it with weed killer and extra grass feeder.


5. Repaint sheds and fences

Lastly, repair any woodwork around the garden. The winter will only exploit the problems, and make them worse. Give them a good once over with protection, varnish, and a new coat of paint. That’ll see them through to 2016.


Have we missed any crucial winter tips, readers? Please let us know in the comment section.


Featured image by Flickr – Elliott Brown

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