5 Essentials Every Large Garden Deserves

5 Essentials Every Large Garden Deserves

If you are lucky enough to own a large garden, then you might already have some great ideas on how to use it. You might dream of entertaining out there and hosting a large party in the summer. Your garden is effectively a large room and is to be considered part of your home. That means it needs to look good, be practical, and make a few of the neighbours just a little jealous! Here are just 5 of the essentials you should consider for your gorgeous garden:

Lush Lawn

For some, the lawn is where the battles against nature’s most formidable enemies begins. Weeds, digging wildlife, and bald patches certainly make maintaining a lawn a challenge. But a good quality lawn is something you want to nurture. You don’t mind mowing or paying that little bit extra to keep it watered and nourished. The kids love to play on it, and you love to look at it. Choose a shape to suit your style, but keep those edges crisp!

Dining Area

If you like entertaining outdoors, then you need a substantial dining area. Choose a large size patio, but don’t feel you’re restricted to rectangles and squares. The different areas of your garden should move seamlessly from one to the other. Get the flow right, and guests will naturally make their way to the table to enjoy tasty fresh food straight from the garden grill. Covering like a gazebo is essential. Don’t worry, there are plenty of different styles to choose from to keep the sun from your heads and plates.

Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking is a big part of entertaining. Invest in an outdoor kitchen and make the most of every big celebration or event. These are usually open on one side and are roofed to keep the weather off the grill and your kitchenette. You might have a fairly formal kitchen setup complete with a sink out here. It might double up as a handy rainy day play area for the kids or storage for your garden furniture over the winter months.

Planting For A View

No garden is complete without plenty of planting. Aim to create great views from every seating area, including the indoors ones. Hire a company that specialises in designing landscapes for the home. This will ensure you get the right plants to flourish in your soil. Shaping your garden and filling it with colour and height is important for a designer garden. There should also be an element of hardscaping here too. You might choose contemporary water features or extensive lighting to make the most of your garden in the evenings.

Private Boundaries

It’s easier than you think to create privacy in your garden. Natural boundaries are always so beautiful to look at, and there are rarely any height restrictions to worry about. As a good neighbour, do consider managing growth on both sides though. Look to hedging as well as fencing or walls. A mixture of texture and colour for each side can be very attractive. What are your garden essentials this season?


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