5 Gardens In 1 To Suit Every Family Member

5 Gardens in 1

If you’re lucky enough to have a good sized back yard or garden, then chances are your family often fight over it. The kids want to bounce on the trampoline or shoot some hoops. Dad wants to set up a bar by the grill to enjoy some time with a beer and his mates. Mom wants somewhere quiet to relax, and even the dog fancies a good roll around on the lawn. It is possible to have everything you want all in one place. With the help of a good designer and a willing landscaper, you can create 5 gardens in 1 that will give every member of your family the space they desire:



Trampolines, playhouses, ride-on toys and more can all fit neatly in one little area. Pick a shady spot where they can play safely outdoors. If your kids love playing out in the fresh air then you might invest in a canopy to offer a dry spot should a shower pass over. The best surface for a play area is something soft that you can power wash clean. Play bark was favored for a while, but some play matting might be better.

For tiny tots, why not add some sand and water play to the area? Ideally, very young children should have close supervision at all times. If you’re on your own with the kids, why not invest in a little picket fence with child-proof latch? It will stop your toddlers wandering off when your back is turned and prevent any animals getting close to them.



What is the point of a garden if you can’t sit and stare to enjoy it? Once you’ve picked out your relaxation area, it’s time to start planning. You might want to use a raised deck area with a permanent gazebo. This is the perfect spot for some lounging, meditation or Yoga. Make sure the view from the deck is inspiring and pleasant. Some shrubs around the edges that will mature and fill out could be ideal.

Water features are well known for their relaxing properties. You might choose to install an entire pond, or simply place a fountain in a prominent position. Zen gardens are perfect for those that enjoy stillness. They may be minimalist in design, but the art of creating a Zen feature is all about careful planning and execution of the idea.

Finally, consider some year-round color for your relaxation area. Choose plants that will flower throughout the year from Spring through to late Fall. Evergreens offer that fresh green tone to keep the winter looking beautiful.


Pet’s Corner

Dogs love to be outdoors, and they can’t get enough of the walks you enjoy together. Of course, you can’t always take your dog out, so your garden becomes a mini dog park. Unfortunately, our canine companions can be unwittingly destructive. If you’re not supervising closely, they can leave mess that can be dangerous for the kids.

One option is to create a fenced off and gated area where poochie can run and roll and do what dogs need to do. Add a few toys and a couple of interesting features. A hollowed out log, a couple of interesting shrubs, and the obligatory digging patch are all great ideas. You can train your dog to do his business in just one area, but don’t get cross if he forgets from time to time. Add some lawn for rolling around, and your dog will be delighted.


Dining and Entertaining

When the weather is good, the garden can become the perfect party venue. It’s spacious and functional and can, with the right design, provide everything you need. Start with your outdoor kitchen. Your garden grill should be in a sheltered spot that allows enough air to vent the smoke away but not so much you have to run for cover in a passing shower. Next to the grill should be enough workspace and storage for all your cooking needs.

Next, you’ll need a covered dining area. There are dozens of dining sets to choose from. You might have a look at some of the ones that Temple And Webster offer to get an idea what you can do for your space. This space should be close to wherever you prepare the food. That means keep it adjacent to the kitchen door if you don’t cook outside.

Now for some comfortable seating. Loungers are OK, but a good quality rattan-style seating set with coffee table is ideal. You can fit the whole family around. A canopy or parasol is best here so you can shade from the strongest sun. Perhaps you want an outdoor minibar? You might add a couple of outdoor bean bags if you have a lot of guests coming over.

Last but not least is your garden bench. This should be positioned on your lawn offering the best view of your flower garden. It’s the perfect little place for a quiet chat with friends, or even somewhere to escape with your favorite novel.


Grow Your Own

For the gardening enthusiast, the vegetable garden is a must. You might also have one or two fruit trees. Apples and pears are particularly popular in home gardens. Grow some raspberries and strawberries at one end, and your root veg at the other. You might choose container growing so you can enjoy fresh, organic vegetables for your table. Imagine plucking your dinner for the evening fresh from the earth.

Greenhouses are ideal for areas that tend to have cooler winters. They protect your plants and offer a prolonged growing period. If you can heat them, you might be able to enjoy produce like tomatoes all year round. Of course, you can also use it to nurture beautiful flowers too.

You really can design a family garden with five spaces with these simple tips. As your kids grow, you might find they need a bit more space for their soccer matches. You might choose to let your shrubs and flowers spread a little more. Gardens grow, change, and evolve every season. How will yours look in a year?


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