A Guide To Caring For Your Garden By The Water

Having a garden that sits close to a water source can be an incredible privilege. Not only will you have an exceptional quality of soil, but being near the water itself can also create a garden experience like no other. After all, when you think about what makes a beautiful garden, serenity probably comes up somewhere pretty high on the list. There is something very serene indeed about natural flowing water, and many people find it very calming and beautiful to look at. If you are blessed with owning a property with a natural water source either close to or as part of your garden, you’re going to want to make the most of it. Here are some ways you can keep your water-filled garden both safe and beautiful.


No one likes to start off on a bad note, but if you do have a water source either in or near to your garden, you will need to be aware of the risks that it can bring. Most of the time you shouldn’t have any issues at all with it. But, if you live somewhere that is prone to heavy rainfall or strong winds, you need to be aware that occasionally this can mean your garden is at risk of becoming waterlogged. Waterlogged is the term used to describe a lawn or flowerbed that has poor drainage, leaving the water sitting on the surface. You may be able to physically see the surface water, or you may notice it because your grass is ‘squelchy’ to walk on. Too much water in this manner can be disastrous for your lawn and plants, so it is worth getting a professional drainage system installed to avoid this problem altogether.

Easy access

There’s not much point in having a garden that looks out onto a lake or river if you can’t even see it or get to it! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a lakeside right at their fingertips, so set about creating your perfect water’s edge. This could be something as simple as investing in some garden furniture so you can sit by the water and watch the world go by – pretty relaxing, no? If you don’t yet have a proper shoreline, or if the ground is too unstable to install furniture, parts from SummersetMarin.com or a similar company can help you create a functional dock or pier on which you can sit.

The right plants

Certain plants thrive in watery conditions – others fail entirely. Before you set about dressing your garden in an array of pretty flowers and vines, it is worth first educating yourself on which of these plants are actually going to cope in very damp conditions. After all, there is nothing worse than seeing all your plants wilt and die all because they weren’t matched to the natural state of your garden. Invest in plants that you know are going to thrive in or near to your water, such as reeds and waterlilies, which are beautiful too.

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