A Little Luxury: 8 Ways To Make Your Garden Look Expensive

Make your garden look expensive


It doesn’t really matter how big or small your outdoor space is, you can make it a beautiful, luxurious place to be. The best ones around are those that have been carefully designed and made to look as luxurious as possible, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it, either! Your outdoor area doesn’t necessarily have to come under the title of ‘empty space that you don’t use’ because it could be an oasis of calm, a party zone, a slice of beauty that is yours alone. Your garden isn’t just a place to ignore. It can add value to your house, it can give you a peaceful escape when life gets altogether too stressful and it makes you feel calm being able to plant your own organic fruit and vegetables.

It’s such a shame, then, that many homeowners just don’t make the most of the outdoor space that they’re given. The outdoor space that you get with a home is of high-value, but only if you do something with it. The assumption is made that you need to have a bucket of cash to be able to make improvements on the outdoor space that you have, but it’s just not true. You can make your entire outdoor area look expensive without spending the cash to do it. There are extravagant features in a garden that you can buy, but you don’t have to go the distance with brands and massive sizes to bring about luxury and it’s important to remember that.

Your backyard has the power to enhance your home massively, improving the value and making it a space in which you want to spend your time. The real question is how you can do it? How do you turn a sparse, vacant, outdoor spot into a space of luxury and nature? Check out the eight ways to do just that below:

Start With The Ground

Building something has to start from the ground up. If you’re looking at anything first, it has to be your flooring. Think about it: decking and patio and lawn all come together to create a harmony and you can really maximize the harmony by installing the right type of ‘ground’ into your garden. If you are after a low-maintenance garden, then going for a paved patio over a lawn is always a smart idea. Most people like to mix the two and have a patio with a topped decking area, so that they can enjoy the best of both worlds. You need to have balance, proportion, colour, textures and shape in your garden, so whether that means varying levels of patio or decking with a sunken seated area in the lawn for everyone to sit and enjoy themselves. Your garden needs to be as attractive to the people in the house as possible. So, start from the ground and build your way up.

Keep It Tidy

One of the cheapest ways to make your garden look luxuriously expensive? Keep it tidy. Trim the bushes. Tidy up the shrubbery. Mow the lawn. It’s a big job if the garden is bigger than average, and you can hire a gardener to keep up with the tidying for you if it’s easier. A free and quick way to ensure that your garden has curb appeal is to utilise the ability to use your elbow grease. Clearing and cleaning is a must and you can make your lawn look beautifully stripey with good mowing skills. The smallest details are the ones that count the most with your garden flooring, and you can ensure that your garden is looking effortlessly expensive when you just keep it clean. This goes for BBQ areas and firepits; if they are kept clean and tidy, people will want to spend time there.

Go With One Theme

You may love a tropical look, but if you’re trying to clash this with a tranquil and peaceful style, it won’t work and it’ll end up looking messy. Heading out to purchase a pond fountain from Living Water Aeration is going to help your garden to have that tranquil feeling, but it won’t work so well if you’re adding in imposing palm trees and tropical flowers. No one will be able to sit and be peaceful in a garden that is smashing boho with industrial trends, because it just makes your garden look too loud. Creating a colour and decor theme that looks good and compliments your space is important, otherwise you’re just going to lower the value of the house while making yourself look indecisive. Curate your garden to the theme that you want to decorate with if you want a luxury look. For example, a Tuscan theme needs olive plants and plant pots made of terracotta.

Furnish Well

Your garden furniture should be coordinated with your garden. It creates a uniformed look outside and luxury needs uniformity. All pieces should work together well, and you can do that simply by buying furniture that will compliment the other accessories and plants in your garden. If you choose wooden outdoor furniture, then you need to use the same wood for everything. While you’re there, ensure that you are matching the colours. Black wooden furniture should also match the rattan outdoor furniture that you choose, too. The only way that your furniture should not match, is if you’re going for a vintage, eclectic look where it’s not supposed to.

Define Each Area

You want an area for dining, for cooking, for relaxing. Your garden can be made up of areas that just make sense. The patio or decking may well be the space for dining. Next to that, an outdoor kitchen could be built right beside it. You could have an outdoor kitchen that you cook proper meals in and BBQ meat – this kitchen is the epitome of luxury for your garden. Once you’ve defined these cooking areas, think about the rest of the garden. A seating area with an outdoor rug is a good way to add the ultimate relaxation. You can add fire pits, low coffee tables and even low seating such as giant bean bags to relax on. It doesn’t all have to be high seats and armchairs, so make the most of the area that you have. Stones and flower borders can be used to define the clear areas and give some uniformity to your garden.

Light It Up

Gardens are beautiful to relax in during the day, but at night they are spectacular. Adding lighting can make a huge difference to the way that you spend your time in the garden. String lights that are solar powered can make your garden light up beautifully throughout the night and if you make them globes, you get a pom-pom string look that can compliment the colour of the flowers that you choose. LED lighting installed before you landscape can focus on the features of your garden that you want to enhance. Spotlight the trees and give your entire garden a manicured, uniform look that everyone will be impressed with. Garden lighting can even be stepped up with standing lamp posts dotted in the corners. They’re ornate, unique and make your garden stand right out.

Imagine, Imagine, Imagine

You should always picture your outdoor space as a huge extension to the indoors, so if your inside space is one of luxury, it should reflect that. Adding comfortable chairs, rugs, low tables, candle-lit lanterns and pillows outside in the same way that you would do inside is exactly how you should treat your garden. You can add so many different decor items, too, from outside coasters to throws and shawls when it gets cold, ornate lamps and even separate crockery and cutlery to use outside. Don’t even worry about Mother Nature having a say in your garden, because most outdoor furniture accessories is already made in faded colours and waterproof fabrics. This means that even in the rain, all your stuff will need is a wipe down!

Keep Up With Repairs

Stone work is always beautiful, but it’s difficult to maintain. Cracks in the crazy paving aren’t just ugly, though, they’re rather dangerous. Keep an eye on any broken stones and cracked cement, because once they do crack you need to be able to replace them as soon as physically possible. Pressure washing wooden patios and driveways regularly is also a must as they build up the grit and dirt that happens over time. Refinish and repaint any wood that is damaged, because it just doesn’t look right. Updating the wood is a smart thing to do if you want that luxury element.

The outdoor space you have for your home is all yours, and you can make it as beautiful as you want to with the right accessories and plants. Choose to treat your garden as you would the interior of your home. That’ll be the best way to ensure you get the luxury look you want.

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