A Quick Guide to Planning a New Organic Garden

Organic gardening quick planning guide

If you’re a gardener, standing before a plot of land you can go to town on is thrilling. There are so many possibilities for what you can grow, whether you enjoy flowers and shrubs or fruits and vegetables. But often gardeners start off making adjustments to an already existing garden, and it can be difficult when you’re faced with a blank canvas. Where should you start, what should you plant and how can you make it easier to grow your plants organically? Before you rush into planting or laying down any other garden features, you need to research and plan. Don’t forget to do the following things before you get out your trowel.

What’s Your Garden’s Purpose?

Before you do anything else, you need to make a decision on what your garden and backyard space is for. Do you want the whole area to grow flowers and other plants or are you looking to start a herb and vegetable garden? Perhaps you wish to leave space for you and your family to sit in pleasant weather, or you want to make sure you have a path, so it’s easier to walk through. Think about how you want to use the space and the best way to achieve that.

Choose Plants for Your Climate and Soil

When you’re thinking about what you want to plant, you need to consider what will flourish in your area. You might love the idea of growing asparagus, but if you don’t have the right climate or soil for it, it could be just a waste of time. You can do plenty of research about what grows well where to identify the best plants for you. Speak to other gardeners in your area to learn their experiences and discover what they have had success with.

Position for Natural Light and Water

If you want to grow your plants organically, you need to make the most out of natural resources. When you’re planning out your garden, you should think about where to plant things, so they get the right amount of sunlight and water. Different plants will have various requirements, so you need to use each corner of your garden in the best way available.

Think About Design

Of course, you probably want your garden to look good too. You can think about organic and sustainable gardening while still coming up with a beautiful layout. If you have a few ideas but you don’t know where to start, you might consider hiring a landscape contractor. They’ll know how to make the most out of the space you have available so that it’s both practical and good-looking.

Planting Strategies

When you start planting, you need to think about which plants to put next to each other. Apart from putting them with plants with similar needs, there are other methods you could use. You can put ones that will help each other grow together, such as maize, beans and squash, which will all support each other.

Make sure you plan your garden before you start planting or landscaping. It will be much easier to grow your plants organically with some forethought.


Featured Flickr image by Gareth Williams 


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