A Simple And Relaxing Japanese Style Garden For A Small Space

Relaxing Japanese Style Garden

Unlike other gardens, a Japanese style or Zen garden is based on certain principles rather than a planting plan. I’m not saying that there aren’t specific plants that are traditionally used, but it’s almost as if they are secondary to the principles themselves. Happily, such principles are what makes such garden an excellent choice for a small space. This is because the principles can be followed no matter what area size you are working with. To find out more about this and how you can construct your own Zen garden, read on.



One of the most vital principles of a Japanese style garden is simplicity. This is often evident in the clear design and creation of different sections. The most imposing of which is often a stone or sand area designed to represent water.  

These areas are traditionally known as Karesansui can be raked in different patterns. Something that acts as a meditative activity in itself as also as a symbol of the emotional state of the gardener. The fact that the patterns can be changed also demonstrates the impermanence of any embodied feeling or sensation.

To create this in your own garden, it is wise to replace the lawn area, with slate stones rather than sand though, as they will retain their pattern better. Although, remember that grass and shrubs can be interwoven with the gravel to create islands which the pattern can flow around. It is also useful to construct or purchase a traditional rake to make and maintain the patterns themselves.



Another principle essential to a Zen style garden is that of focus. The concept is that there are certain elements in the garden that draw your focus and help to calm the mind. Something that can allow you to think clearly, as well as let the thoughts flow in and out of awareness more easily.

A great way of creating a focal point for this purpose in your own garden is to install a small Koi pond. Koi are traditional Japanese fish and quite beautiful to look at. You buy Koi to buy online here! They will even be delivered to you live within 24 hours! Something that makes it easy to purchase fish for your pond whether there is a specialist stockist in your area or not.

There are also many pond ideas for small gardens online that you can check out.  Some of my favorites include a raised wooden trough, and even a glass-sided pool, used so you can see the fish under the water as well as just from above.



Last, of all, a crucial principle in the construction a Zen garden is patience. These gardens take a lot of work, and they won’t be perfect straight away. In fact, that is kind of the point so you can see the progress and journey of the space without getting attached to a perfect result.

A wonderful way of facilitating this in your own garden is to plant Japanese Maple trees. The reason for this being that they take years to mature but need much care, tending and patience to flourish.


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