Colours For Every Season – Styling Your Garden With Flowers

Flower garden for every season

Creating your dream garden may seem like a time consuming and costly project to undertake. Whether your budget is big or small, there are many different ways to get what you want. If you’re looking for something that is full of life all year round, you might be interested in planting colourful flowers. This could also be the perfect solution when you’re looking to create your own style in the garden.

There are many ways to use colour in the garden. You might select a single colour for each area of the garden. This is a lovely way to create a particular mood or effect in each place. For example, if you’re looking to create a cool and relaxing corner for meditation or Tai Chi, you might pick a bed of blues or whites. Combining colours together can also enhance the mood. If you want a fiery hot summer, you might put oranges and reds together. You can use herbaceous perennial plants to ensure colour arrives in the same place every year.

It’s not just the colours of the plants that you should consider. The shape of the bloom and the height of the flower will also affect your choices. Taller stemmed plants look wonderful at the back of any flower bed or border. You can gradually step them down in height to your soil huggers. Alternatively, a circular bed could look stunning with the tallest plants in the centre.

You could group your planting by flower shape. Cups of different colours can look stunning. Then you have roses and daisy shape blooms too. There are more and more exotic looking flowers available for British gardens nowadays. They can grow well if the soil is right and they are tended to. It means you have more freedom to create the unique style you’re looking for.


Flower garden for different seasons

Flickr image by Ronald Saunders

Of course, many of us would love to have colour in the garden all year round. This isn’t impossible, despite the harshness of the British winters. Don’t forget to use your solar powered lights to provide intense hues of colour in the evenings. Many work for a few hours even in winter. This means you can bring a wider range of colours to your garden all year round.

Using evergreens helps to ensure there is natural colour in your garden even in the winter time. They can also be used to break up the different areas of your garden. If you like to plant different quadrants of your garden for each season, this can be the ideal way to separate them. Some people like the idea of a diamond or circle in the garden divided into four sections. Only one section at a time will bloom as the seasons pass, so the other three may look a little barren at times.

Borders, planters, lawn displays, hanging baskets, and climbers are all used to style a garden with colour. Each can be tamed, maintained or even replenished each season. This means you can change your style to seat the season. Use colour, shape, structure and height to create the style you want in your garden this season.


Featured image by Flickr: Bill Storey

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