Create a Natural Looking Garden with These Fantastic Ideas

Create a Natural Looking Garden with These Fantastic Ideas

If you’re an organic gardener, you probably don’t want your garden to look too well-groomed or artificial. It should have natural features, not plants that have been pruned within an inch of their lives and ornaments that look out of place. You can use much more appropriate design features if you want to create a natural looking garden. That’s not to say that you can’t make it look refined however if you’re not looking to have a wild and overflowing garden. Try some of these design ideas if you want to create a beautiful organic garden.

Use Wooden Planters

If you want a more natural look in your garden, you need to ban plastic. Don’t allow for any pots or planters made out of plastic, and consider leaving metal out too. Use wooden planters, such as a lovely trellis planter, to plant your flowers and other items. Wooden planting boxes and tubs are better if you want them to blend in with the rest of the garden. You could also consider using terracotta and other natural materials to help you avoid artificial items.

Recycle Material for Planting

A more rustic look lends itself well to recycling old items you have around the house. You could use planks of wood, perhaps from an old floor or piece of furniture, to create planters or borders. You could fill an old boot with soil and plant something in it for a fun feature that would give you an overgrown garden look. A metal watering can also makes an excellent place to plant something in an unusual way – provided you’re not using it, of course! If you have any logs or pieces of wood, pieces of stone or bark chips, they will all come in useful.

Add Wildflowers

You can make your garden look wilder and like a meadow by choosing the right flowers and plants. For example, foxgloves, ferns, and cowslip can look fantastic strewn across your borders. You can pick things that aren’t too fancy that you might find along a hedgerow, rather than anything you could find in the gardens of a stately home. But you don’t have to let it overflow and get overgrown. You can keep it tidy while maintaining a more wild feel throughout.

Create a Pond


A water feature can make a garden, but if you want it to appear natural, you probably don’t want a fancy fountain. A pond is a better option, and it could attract all sorts of wildlife. You could add fish to it, but if you choose not to you can find other plants and animals turning up. You might end up with frogs or toads, as well as lots of fascinating bugs, which is great for curious kids. Your pond doesn’t have to be large, so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of room.

It’s not difficult to create a beautiful natural looking garden. Use some of these ideas and you could get the look you want.

Featured image/Flickr: Karen Roe

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