Create Your Own English Country Garden

Country Garden

English country gardens are known the world over for their large amounts of color and easy looking styles that are created by careful planning and planting. Flowers beds and planters are used too and of course, there must be at least a small amount of lawn. How do you go about making your garden similar to an English country one? Here are a few tips to help you.


Roses are one of the most English plants of all. They are not difficult to grow or look after and a few rose bushes is a good start. Plant them with some other flowers such as lavender and delphinium to create the look of a garden in the English countryside.

Use Flowerbeds And Planters

English country gardens are not just huge splashes of color. Architects could have designed some. They often have flowerbeds that have very clean lines to them, and the edges where any grass meets them will always be trimmed and neat.

Planters are popular in English gardens too. People use all different shapes and sizes, the Authentic Provence antique English copper planters being perfect examples of what kind of thing you might want though. It really depends on the shape and size of your own garden.

You do not have to plant lots of different plants. Make a splash with a lot of just a few. Climbing plants are good as they can cover something such as brick walls and make them look much better. Just pin some trellis to what you want to be covered with the climbers plated at the bottom. You may be surprised just how quickly that wall will become a profusion of color.


Benches and other garden furniture do not have to blend into the background. They can be used as a focal point, which draws the attention to that area of the garden. They go well is parts of the garden that are shaded for part of the day as sitting back and relaxing on one can be a welcome break from the sunshine.

Bird Baths And Bird Houses

The English love to give the birds water and food so you will often find bird baths and bird houses in English country gardens. They are usually stood quite high so that the squirrels cannot get in them, but unfortunately, that does not always stop these clever little creatures.


If you are thinking of having a round or twisted lawn, think again. In English country gardens, they are always square or rectangle, even if they are quite small. The edges are always kept neatly trimmed and the lawn itself will be mowed to control the length of the grass. Most of the time the mowing will be done in straight lines as this produces the striped effect you see on cricket and football pitches.


Paths are usually central or around the edge of the garden. Often made from broken paving slabs known as ‘crazy paving’ with cement in between them to stop the growth of any weeds.

English country gardens can attract viewers from all over the world, especially some of the very large ones that were first laid out sometimes 300 or 400 years ago.

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