Creating a Beautiful and Functional Garden

Functional garden

When it comes to planning your garden, you should think about some of the main elements that you want to display. Do you want it seasonal? Or evergreen? High maintenance or low? The right plants are one of the main aspects of the landscaped garden, so take your time when planning and pick things that you are going to love year after year.


You don’t have to limit yourself to the low down flower beds, you can think tall too. After all, the only limit here is your budget and the sky. Tall trees, trellises, and fences can provide different levels and structures to the garden and don’t require all that much in terms of maintenance. You can also use them to frame things like gates, or doorways.

“Each design and installation merges to create areas that inspire and teach, resulting in a discourse between nature and architecture,” says Karen Ford


If you have a path in your garden, and you enjoy long balmy evenings, then you should invest in some lighting that will stretch the length of your way so that you can safely stroll back and forth in the darker evenings. A light just outside your backdoor is also a great idea, and not only as a deterrent for would-be burglars. If you have a seating area, a gorgeous idea is a wrap the nearby trees in outdoor fairy lights. Not only will the look spectacular in the summertime while you enjoy a late night snack, but in the winter you can keep that warm festive glow even on the gloomiest of nights.


You should make every effort to maintain your garden as you had once pictured it. Trim the hedges back carefully, remove weeds from the flower beds regularly, and when the ice comes if you need to cover your bulbs to protect them make sure you do it in plenty of time. A quick internet search will make sure that you have everything you need in terms of composting, and water tanks for sale.


A range of small and large containers with a few different types of flowers can be a subtle nod to the vintage style garden. Use metal pots that weather nicely to stick with the vintage feel, in the shape of milk pails, and old saucepans are pretty. For a more modern take terracotta lasts for ages and goes with almost any garden design.

Water Feature

Any garden, big or small can benefit from a well-installed water feature. Not only will it provide hours of gorgeous and relaxing tinkling, but it can double as a little space for wildlife to get a drink on those hot summer days.

A Secret

Remember watching The Secret Garden and seeing the secret door leading to a whole other place that needed to be taken care of. Well, the idea of having something secret in your garden is a little bit romantic. It might simply be a bench tucked up one of the corners, or a paving stone with your names engraved. A little something special.

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