Creating a Respectful Garden

Creating a respectful garden

It is important to be respectful when it comes to creating your garden. It is important to be respectful to your neighbours and their own gardens. It is important to be respectful to the wildlife that uses your garden and calls it their home. And it is important to be respectful and friendly to the rest of the environment too. For advice on how to do all of these things, make sure to read on.


How to be respectful towards your neighbours

Your neighbour wants to enjoy their garden just as much as you want to enjoy yours. So, make sure your garden or gardening isn’t doing anything that could result in your neighbour’s garden being encroached or ruined in any way. To do this, you should stick to any garden laws that are in place in your country. More than likely, this will mean not letting anything that you grow in your garden hang over the fence, hedge or any other type of general line that separates your garden from your neighbour’s.

How to be respectful towards wildlife

When you create a garden, you create a haven for wildlife — whether you mean to or not. And because you naturally create a home and haven for wildlife in this way when you tend to your garden, it’s your job to be respectful towards it. More to the point, it’s your job protect this home that you create as well as the wildlife that live within it.

This means you shouldn’t over-fertilise your garden. It means you should cut back on using synthetic fertilisers. It means you shouldn’t over-plant in your garden, especially in shaded areas. It means you shouldn’t forget to constantly tend to your garden’s soil. And, quite surprisingly, you shouldn’t water your garden too much and drown it.

What you should do is always use organic products on your garden that are described as being either pet or wildlife friendly, and you should refrain from tending to your garden too much.

How to be respectful towards the environment


Your garden is part of the environment, and you want to see your garden be as healthy as can be, right? Well, you should want the rest of the earth’s environment to be just as healthy too, then. And there are ways you can contribute to the environment’s health and be respectful towards it when you tend to, create and grow your garden. One such way is to be very careful with the products and tools you choose to use on it. Specifically, this means choosing any electrical tool that you use on your garden carefully in regards to just how much its usage can either help or hinder the health of the environment.

To do this, you should do research into the electric tools you use on your garden before you use them. This could mean vetting any lawn mowers you use in order to see just what impact their usage makes in regards to the world’s carbon footprint. It could mean reviewing and choosing the right chainsaw brand and then the right chainsaw — one of which is the Stihl Pole Saw that is often characterised as having a low-emission and fuel-efficient gas powered engine — for any cutting job your garden requires. Or it could even mean painting your fence in a type of paint that doesn’t emit toxins. If you want to be respectful towards the environment when gardening, you have to be careful with what tools and appliances you use to help you do so.

Being a respectful gardener is something that you should do in order to be both a good gardener, and a good person. So, go out there and do it!


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