Creating A Show-Stopping Garden On A Budget

Garden on a budget

You’re either a person who enjoys gardening or someone who loathes it. Tending to your garden can take a lot of time, patience and effort especially when you’re growing plants and herbs. But if you want to transform your outdoor space and only have a small budget, how can you do it? Here are a few ways to help create a show-stopping garden on a budget.

Plan It Out And Set A Budget

A good plan is essential for getting the most out of your space and your budget. Draw out your outdoor space and figure out what you already have readily available to you. You might find some of that old garden furniture can be spruced up and made to look brand new, or you might be able to transform it into something else. When you’ve got the basics of your garden layout, start getting creative and plan out what you’d like your garden to be. Try and work it around the current layout if possible, as this will reduce the amount of work needed.

You also want to set out a suitable budget for the work you’ll be doing. Always estimate at the top end of what you think supplies will cost and that way you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it comes in a lot cheaper. Don’t go too overboard with the budget, keep it simple and stick to your plan.

Shop Around

It’s always best to shop around when looking for materials for the garden. Some of the cheaper stuff can end up looking just as good without the hefty price tag. If you’re after natural stone, opt for something that looks like it as this can be a very costly expense. Utilize what you already have and if what’s in the store is too pricey, take a picture and find an alternative that’s cheaper and that you can transform into something that looks like what you were after.

Add Some Color

Color can really brighten up your garden from the standard browns and greens that you’ll get in most outdoor spaces. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your flower selection and if planting flowers aren’t your thing, why not paint the fences a vibrant color? Adding color can also affect your mood so adapt it to the tones of color you love, as you’re the one who’ll be spending the most time in the space.

DIY What You Can

When possible, use your DIY skills to put together or build any furniture for your garden. If something is too complex, always get in a professional, but you can often solve it yourself if you can learn the skills needed. For example, offers a simple guide on building your own shed. It’s clear, detailed and nothing like those instructions that seem to be written in a foreign language.

Creating A Place For Cooking And Growing Food

Having a place for cooking can add another level of luxury to a garden but will also be another little area that can give off the appearance of a space being bigger than it actually is. More of us are also now trying to improve our sustainability and therefore growing herbs and vegetables in the garden is a great way to impress. The smell from the herbs especially will add so much appeal to your outside space that your guests won’t want to leave.

Use Different Textures And Levels

Adding different levels to a garden can really transform the space and give your guests something to look at. Typically, decking in the corner of the garden can be a great place for a seating area. Having a different texture can also make the garden feel a little more spacious so mix it up and use a variety of materials such as grass, soil, and stone to make it look even more professional.

Add A Water Feature

Water features are a great show-stopper and can often be a lot cheaper than you think to the source. With the right knowledge, you can probably make it yourself but if you want to get it done professionally, stick to something simple that’s not too decorative. You can decorate it yourself for less, and it’ll still look beautiful. Water features will also attract birds and other wildlife. This alone can transform your garden into a paradise for you and your guests.

Transforming your garden can be fun even if you don’t consider yourself to have green thumbs. An outdoor space needn’t be neglected, and you can create a wonderful space that can look expensive even on a small budget.

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