Don’t Fool Around With These Fall Gardening Jobs

Don't Fool Around With These Fall Gardening Jobs

Lots of people believe gardening is just for the summer months when it’s warm and dry and a pleasure to be out there. Gardening is seasonal, but that means that there are different jobs to do all through the year. In winter, you might be protecting your garden from the harshest frosts and clearing the paths of snow. In the spring you might be nurturing bulbs and planting ready for the summer. But it is the fall that requires the most back-breaking work of all. Are you ready to take your garden seriously this season?

Start with the weeds. As the weather turns cooler and damper, those weeds are going to make a break for it. Nip them in the bud! Use the moisture in the soil to pull them from the roots. If you leave them, they will seed and then it will be up to those fall winds to spread them ready for next spring.

The leaves at this time of year are so beautiful. There are rich reds, bold browns, and sunny yellows to enjoy. Unless that is, they’re all over your lawn. Owning trees is wonderful for any gardener, especially fruit trees that offer food for the family. But when those leaves come down, and the wind blows, you’ll be raking for weeks! A leaf vacuum mulcher is a good alternative to this back-breaking work. Use one that collects the leaves so you can dispose of them in a container instead of chasing them around on the breeze.

The bulbs for early spring should be planted soon. Start to clear your containers and prepare them with fresh, healthy, fertilized soil. Keep it moist for a while before planting, but not if you’re experiencing early frosts. Some bulbs like to be quite warm in the early days of planting, so you might want them in the house until they sprout. A temperature controlled greenhouse can work just as well.

This time of year also offers the keen vegetable grower a harvest. The apples will be ripe and ready now too. Some late offerings from your strawberry plants can provide treats for the table as well as a sweet boost while you’re gardening. But it is all those salad leaves and healthy veg that really need your attention now. It’s important to clear the soil and containers of old crops that didn’t make it to your table too.

When you’re tending to the ground, use a rubber mat and knee pads. Keep your tools close at hand, and protect your eyes if you’re pruning. Gardening gloves are essential when you’re handling dirt or using tools. This prevents blisters, sores, and pesticides or other chemicals coming into contact with your skin. Wear a hat if the sun is shining too. It’s easy to lose track of the time when you’re gardening!

Soon it will be time to pull the mower out for the last time. Trimming rather than cutting is best when the earth becomes moister at this time of year. Adjust the height, and mow whenever the sun has been out for a few hours. Happy Fall!


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