Don’t Let Your Garden Become A No Go Zone For Pets

Don't Let Your Garden Become A No Go Zone For Pets

If you have pets, you need to make sure that you are making the most of your garden. With a garden, you’ll have a brilliant place where they can exercise, play and you can enjoy spending time with them. Of course, you also want to make sure that your garden looks beautiful with all the coolest features that you want. We’ve talked before about some of the luxury possibilities you can include in your home garden so we realize that keeping your garden great for pets can be a balancing act. Luckily, we’ve got some great ideas.

Careful What You Use To Kill Weeds And Keep The Grass Green

As an organic blog, we feel like we should point out that the best way to keep your garden safe for pets is to make sure that you are using organic products to make the grass grow and kill those weeds or any plants you don’t want popping up. Unfortunately, you might not be aware that even some organic products can be harmful and dangerous for pets.

That’s why you should be checking a product before you use it in your yard. You don’t want to find out later after your dog comes back in with a poorly stomach but that’s exactly what can happen. You might be using a landscaper or a gardener to sort out your property. If this is the case, do make sure that you ask them about any products they are using. They should work to make sure that your garden is safe if you have pets. Or, instruct you not to let them out while the garden is being prepared.

Careful Of Luxury Setups

Finally, you need to be wary of luxury setups in your garden such as a pool or a hot tub. Both can contain chlorine products that can hurt or even kill pets that drink the water. Instead, you need to make sure you use a safe alternative like iONRx hot tub cleaner, which will not hurt your pets at all, even if they do drink it.

Leaving Food Out For Other Animals

This can be a sweet thing to do but perhaps not if your pet regularly wanders the garden looking for extra scraps of food. Everything from bread to bird seeds can cause problems for certain pets. Ideally, vets advise that you don’t let your pet eat anything that their pet food. Other products could impact their health in a variety of ways and we’re quite sure that you don’t want that. Even if it is not harmful it could still mean they have issues with fitness and potentially weight.

You should also be thinking about this if you’re growing fruit and veg in your garden. Some fruits and veg are toxic to pets if they get their paws on them.

We hope this helps you keep your organic garden as safe as it can be for any pets that you may have wandering around. If you do this, you will be able to let them out freely whenever they need to rather than taking them for a walk.

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