Don’t Let Your Pool Dominate Your Garden

Too Pool for School: Don't Let Your Pool Dominate Your Garden

If you have a green thumb, you’re not likely to want to give up the gardening space you have. So if you’re considering installing a pool, either for yourself or your family, you might be concerned that it could completely erase your garden. What if the pool takes over, and there’s no longer anywhere for you to enjoy the natural beauty you have cultivated? A pool is a lot of fun, but going for a swim isn’t the same as tending to your garden. So, how do you put a pool in and still get to keep your garden?


Help Your Pool Blend In

Pools aren’t exactly known for being small, so they can dominate your yard space somewhat. This might be a worry if you prefer to look at your plants than at the expanse of water in your pool. If you’re concerned about this, you could consider thinking of ways to make your pool less obtrusive. For one thing, you might want to avoid putting it right in the middle of your yard. If you click here for pool covers, you can find some examples of covers that will help your pool blend in. And when it’s uncovered, think about the color of the walls and how they could match the surroundings.


Consider a Natural Swimming Pond

There’s one way you can create a pool that looks right at home in a garden. Instead of having an artificial pool like you can find in any backyard, consider installing a natural pond. It looks more like a water feature than an obtrusive leisure facility, and there are many ways you can make it look perfect surrounded by all your plants. Of course, there’s a lot to think about if you want to have a swimming pond. You’ll need to keep the water clear, just like with any pool, but instead of chlorine, you can use plants. This is harder than it may sound though, as getting the right balance of organisms is crucial.


Surround Your Pool with a Jungle

Even if you decide to go with a standard pool, it doesn’t have to mean giving up your garden. You can still use the space you have to grow plants, trees, vegetables, and more. In fact, it’s likely you’ll use the space where a lawn or perhaps a patio used to be to install a pool. One idea is to surround your pool with large leaves and showy plants. That way, you can obscure the pool and almost hide it.


Make Sure There’s Space to Relax

Being able to garden is important, but you also need to have space where you can unwind and look at your plants. While you might have poolside loungers, it’s a good idea to consider somewhere else to sit too. A deck or patio, or even just a couple of chairs tucked into a corner, will give you somewhere peaceful to be, away from the pool.

Installing a pool doesn’t have to mean you give up your entire garden. You can fit your garden around the pool or vice versa.


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