Essential Things You Must Do To Your Garden When You Move In

Moving into your new home is exciting, and you can’t wait to spruce up your garden, so it’s looking fantastic. However, a lot of people don’t know where to start when it comes to sorting out your garden. Here are some essential things you should do to your yard when you move into your new property.


Get a landscaper

One of the first essential things you should do to your garden when you move in is to get a landscaper in to sort it out. They will be able to guide you on how to improve the current layout, and what you should add to make the most of your yard. They are good if you don’t have the largest garden, so you want to make the most of it. They will help to make it look fantastic and will arrange everything, so you don’t have to worry about finding different companies to make a patio etc.




Hire a gardener

Another essential thing you must do to your yard when you move in is to hire a gardener. It’s excellent if you don’t have time to cut your own lawn as they will be able to come and do it for you, so it’s less stress for you. You can find a company who do yard cutting services and will make sure they mow as necessary, so they don’t ruin your lawn. They won’t leave any tracks in your lawn so that it will look great. They will also consider the environment and will cut down to the conditions.  


Create a vegetable patch

You should also ensure you start growing vegetables when you move into your new garden. You need to create a vegetable patch in your backyard and then you can plant different vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. As we talked about before, once they have fully grown, you can use them in your kitchen to make delicious and tasty organic meals. If you have space, you could consider getting a greenhouse. It will give you more room to grow your plants and vegetables and will be a great warm environment which will be suitable all year round. And it’s not just vegetables which you should be growing in your garden. Remember to plant fruit trees and brushes so that you can all enjoy organic fruit too.


Moving your old plants into the yard

Another essential thing you must do to your garden when you move in is to transfer your plants from your old yard. Hopefully, you were able to bring them with you so they can go in your new garden. The best way to move them is in lightweight pots. You can use the old soil mark on the roots to know where they should go when replanting them. You may want to hire a contractor to move them safely for you, so they don’t get ruined. As this feature reveals, if you think the journey could put the plants at risk, you may want to donate them instead. Or you can leave them for the new owner to take care of.
Remember to make your own compost when you move into your new garden. You can easily make the rich soil via recycling organic material such as vegetable scraps.


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