Finding the Motivation to Begin Gardening

Finding the Motivation to Begin Gardening

There are many more people who like the idea of gardening than people who actually garden. Spending the day in the outdoors, using your hands, and making your property look more beautiful are all appealing, but for various reason, the actual process of getting down to work is less enticing. If you’re in this camp, then fear not, because you don’t have to be forever crippled by procrastination. There are ways you can boost your motivation levels. Take a read of our tips below, and you might just find that you’re getting into the garden with your tools at the first opportunity you have.

Think of the Big Picture

When you’re faced with a garden that hasn’t had a dose of TLC for more years than you can remember, it’s understandable that you’re not going to be overly enthused about getting on your hands and knees and beginning work. So don’t look at your garden as one big mess: think of the possibilities. It’s a good idea to get out a pen and paper and sketch an outline of what your garden is going to eventually look like. In so doing, you’ll be setting a target, which is crucially important when it comes to taking action.

But Start Small

However, it’s important not to lose yourself too much in the image of things to come. If you’re constantly thinking about the end product, you might be paralyzed by the amount of work you have to do, and give up before you’ve even begun. Though it’s a good idea to have the final form in mind, it’s best to break up the work into manageable sections. It’s much less intimidating to get into the garden when you can see that there’s only one small task that you need to do that day.

Get Inspiration

There are people who swear by self-motivation, but for most people, it’s pretty ineffective. If we’re not continually receiving inspiration and guidance, then it’s likely that we’ll give up when we come up to the first hurdle. So avoid going at it alone. The internet is a fantastic resource for achieving any goal, including gardening. Take a look at websites that offer garden ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks, and more. You’ll likely learn something that makes your tasks easier, and read something that motivates you to carry on no matter what!

Find a Buddy

Everything’s more enjoyable as a pair. They say that if you want to stick to your gym routine, you should find a friend to go with you. The same can be said of gardening. You’ll much prefer being in the outdoors if you’re with a friend or family member. It’s all too easy to say “I’m not going to work in the garden today” if everyone else is off doing something fun. With someone by your side, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Plus, it’ll make the more taxing jobs all the more straightforward to complete. More hands, easier work!


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