Four Brilliant Ways To Make Gardening More Appealing

Organic gardening tips

It’s summer time! For us, that means one fantastic fact. We get to spend more time in the garden, which we love. Yes, there is a good chance we will get more rain than shine. But let’s be optimistic. Let’s pretend we are in for a cracking summer season. If you are like us, that means you are going to take the opportunity to do some gardening. But perhaps your garden is not in a state where you want to spend time in it. If that is the case we have got some improvements you can make. This will add some beauty, a little character and make your garden somewhere you love spending time.

Add A Little Wildlife

Not actual wildlife. Although we would love to see a live deer at the bottom of our garden, that is just not going to happen. But what you can have is a beautiful stone carving that looks so lifelike, from a distance you would swear it was the real thing. Ours has fooled many a young child visiting the home. They always want to be taken over to pet the deer. There are plenty of other ornaments you can get too. How about some garden gnomes, or a stone bird bath. These things will really give your garden some character and will not damage it.

Add Some Actual Wildlife!

After, all why not? We are not suggesting you start a petting zoo. Rather we are talking about attracting nature to your garden. Planting some flowers will certainly get your grass buzzing. Bees get a bad rap because of their nasty cousin the wasp. But they are quite friendly little fellows if left alone. Or why not just hang up some bird seed? Get some lovely tweets early in the morning. The kind that sounds like nature at its finest rather than that annoying buzz of your phone. Or if you live in the right area you could leave some milk out for the local hedgehog families. Animals have been known to naturally improve a garden.

Keep Nosy Neighbours Away

It might not be the neighbours. Perhaps you live by a main road and want to block out a nasty eyesore. Or maybe your garden is at the back of a field, and you want to stop cows pushing their heads over the fence. Either way, we have got the solution to your problems. Find a site where there are Leyland Cypress Trees for sale. These evergreen beauties stay tall, fat and full all year around. Planting a row of them will soon block out any unwanted sites. It will also stop any peeping eyes in their tracks. This way you can get on with your gardening in peace.


Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do to your garden. If there is a lot of work to be done the answer might be a redesign. You may want to replace your patio. Borrow a cement mixer and get to work. Perhaps you want to plant some flowers or purchase a new sofa swing? If the weather is going to be gorgeous this season how about a built in barbeque. You can find instructions on how to build one online. Or, maybe you just want to fix up what you already have with a lick of paint and some good old-fashioned hard work.

Either way, we are sure once you are finished your garden will be unrecognisable, and you will love spending some time gardening!

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