Gardens Are For Living, So Start Enjoying Yours

Gardens are for living, so start enjoying yours

Gardens aren’t just about hard work: they’re places for living too and getting the most out of life. But preparing a beautiful outdoor space that everybody can enjoy isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning involved in creating spaces in your garden that are suitable for eating, entertaining company and growing plants.

Recently, Judy Kameron, a gardening enthusiast and author penned a book about how to make the most of your outdoor space. Since then, it’s been featured on the front pages of some of the biggest magazines in the industry. Here’s what she has to say about enjoying your garden.


Make Outdoor Living A Ritual

Science has shown that people tend to be strongly motivated by habit. As we get older, we get more and more used to things that we do every day. And even when certain activities seem unpleasant at the outset, they get better with time – like exercise, for instance. According to Kameron, the same goes for out gardens. The more we create daily rituals involving our outdoor spaces, the more inclined we become to use them for pleasure. Kameron says that something as simple as sipping a hot cup of green tea in the morning on your patio can encourage you to spend more time in your garden in general.


Up The Comfort Factor

When most people imagine outdoor living, they think of cast-iron furniture and biting winds. Not exactly comfortable. But thanks to innovative companies, like Stylemaster Patios, living in the open air is a lot more enjoyable than many think. For starters, there’s no longer any need to be exposed to the elements. These days patios are a lot more likely to be covered to protect against the sun and the rain. What’s more, when it comes to comfort, outdoor furniture is largely indistinguishable from its indoor counterparts, meaning that you can spend all day reclining in the open air without damaging your back.


Build A View

A great view is an essential part of any garden experience, and a big draw for spending more time in the outdoors. That’s why it’s so important, according to Kameron, to focus on building a view. The garden, she says, should be mainly concerned with focusing outwards at the rest of the world, rather than back into the house. Her advice is to strike a balance between the two, investing in covered areas and outdoor living spaces which look good when viewed from the garden, but also positioning them such that the view onto the garden is just as stunning.


Invest In Outdoor-Proof Crockery

Another reason people don’t like using their outdoor spaces, other than on special occasions, is because of the risk it poses to their Chinaware. Kameron recommends that people forget about using expensive champagne flutes and tagine bowls outdoors and invest in their very own set of outdoor-proof crockery instead. She recommends plastic wine glasses, plates, even knives and forks. And she says that they’re cheap. If you don’t like plastic, there are plenty of other sturdy materials you could use, like steel.


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