Green Fingered Tools That Every Organic Gardener Should Own

Green Fingered Tools That Every Organic Gardener Should Own

Gardening with our bare hands is tricky, and probably ill-advised. With so many tools created for various aspects of the job, it just keeps getting easier and easier. Some tools are quite a niche, and most budding gardeners will probably never have cause to use them, but others are staples that every home should have. There are four categories of tools that every home should have, from digging to protecting your hands. Here are some tools that you just won’t want to be without.


For digging

If you want to put things in the soil or take things out, you’re going to need some equipment for digging. This ranges from little hand trowels to a large digging fork. For small, precise work, a hand weeder is perfect for removing shallow-rooted weeds easily. You’re going to want a round-headed shovel as well, which digs great holes for planting shrubs and bushes but also doubles up to remove debris such as soil and rubble from areas you want to clear. Finally, a digging fork is perfect for turning the soil, bringing nutrient rich substances to the surface, and breaking up large clods, as well as bringing up bulbs for removal or repotting.


For tidying

Unfortunately, gardening isn’t just about tending to our beautiful plants and sitting back to admire its beauty – there has to be some tidying up involved too. Fall is the perfect example of this, when the trees shed their leaves, leaving a layer of beautiful, rustic colors on the ground. This isn’t necessarily great for the garden, though, so investing in the best leaf blower is a great way to clear large swathes of land. For a smaller yard, a leaf rake or a hand rake can also work well, although more energy is obviously required.


For cutting

The brilliant thing about plants is their desire to grow every which way, although their unruliness does tend to leave us to tame them. A few pieces of equipment for keeping them in check is all you need. Firstly, a lawn mower is probably a good place to start. Getting one which is appropriate for the size of your lawn is crucial for efficiency. A good hand pruner is next – it’s great for more precise work, such as cutting back large flowers and thin twigs, and harvesting some types of fruit. Larger, long handled pruners are better for leaves and trees. Hand shears are great for cutting hedges into precise lines, and for trimming grass in those tricky spots that the mower can’t reach.


For protection

Looking after yourself is essential in the garden. All those splinters, thorns, and even the dirt can be dangerous. Heavy duty gloves should be worn whenever you’re working with wood, digging holes, or cleaning large areas of brush. Synthetic gloves are perfect for smaller jobs, such as potting and weeding, and even handling tiny seedlings. You’ll feel better about those filthy or wet jobs such as picking up wet leaves or planting shrubs if you have a pair of waterproof or latex gloves in your potting shed too.


Gardening does require a fair few bits of equipment, but once you’ve got them a whole new, green-fingered world opens up to you.


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