Handy Tips to Help You Avoid a Waterlogged Garden

Handy Tips to Help You Avoid a Waterlogged Garden

We all know that water is one of the most important components of growing a healthy garden, but too much of a good thing can also lead to adverse results. In fact, water can actually cause some very huge problems if it starts to flood your garden, such as promoting root rot or even spreading diseases to different plants in your garden.

A waterlogged garden usually occurs as the result of rain, so if you find that your backyard is flooding every time there’s rain, then it could be caused by a number of different factors that you could actually fix yourself without the help of a gardener.

Factors that will lead to a waterlogged garden

To start with, let’s identify a few of the biggest signs that you have a waterlogged garden issue.

  • You notice multiple puddles forming around your garden that take a while to disappear
  • Your plants are stunted in growth and have a hard time growing
  • Your flowers and plants wilt despite plenty of water
  • There’s a lack of flowers in your plants
  • Your plants start to rot or emit a rotting odour

If you notice any of these issues, then you’ve likely got a waterlogged garden problem especially if you can see puddles that take forever to drain especially during a colder or rainier day.

But what exactly causes a waterlogged garden?

There are a number of factors but many of them will depend on the location you’re in. For instance, if your garden is located at the bottom of a hill then it may be where all the water in your local area is draining, especially if you have neighbours with flourishing gardens that are on higher ground than yours. It could also be caused by your neighbour’s own garden drainage system that is leaking into your garden.

However, there are some more difficult issues that could cause it as well, such as having an uneven surface in your garden that leads to puddles around your home. Another issue might be continuous rainfall due to a freak weather accident that is affecting you.

Relieving a waterlogged garden

Whatever the case may be, there are a couple of temporary solutions that will help relieve the issues.

  • Consider a proper drainage system. Be it simple ditches or piped drainage, it’s important to consider adding an effective drainage system to get rid of water quickly. If you check Sump Pump prices, you’ll notice that they are very affordable and can easily remedy the flooding if used correctly.


  • Install a rain barrel. Any outbuildings such as a garden room or shed might be diverting the water into your garden, causing it to flood and create puddles. Consider adding rain barrels to outbuildings as a simple solution to stop rain flooding your garden.
  • Clean off the plants. If you notice that there is sludge on your plants after a flood, then clean them off with some water from your hose but try not to flood them with water. In addition, try to leave waterlogged soil because it will compress the soil, making it denser and making it more difficult to drain away slowly.



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