Help Me: My Garden Is Ruined!

Help Me My Garden is Ruined

There is nothing worse for a homeowner to have a large garden, that has been misused, or that is being damaged. A garden is always the promise of wonderful wildlife, or a romantic cottage-like atmosphere – depending on your tastes. Therefore it can be disappointing to say the last when your garden appears to be ruined. However, ruined is a big word. Not every damage or lack of attention that occurs in your garden is irremediably destructive. Sometimes, all you need is to come up with a new approach or to bring the missing piece of the puzzle into your landscaping or gardening project. After all, while nobody wants a ruined garden, there are also plenty of ways to ensure that you can recover your garden – even when you think it is lost for good.


I Don’t Spend Enough Time In The Garden

Sometimes, your garden might seem like a waste of time because you simply don’t spend enough time enjoying your hard work. As odd as it might sound, homeowners who invest a lot of time and money in gardening and landscaping, might forget to bring an essential element into the garden: they don’t treat it as an additional space for living. As a result, the garden may look fantastic, but there’s nobody sitting outside to enjoy the view. The solution here is simple: you need to create a sitting area with garden furniture such as a bench or a teak sun loungers –  check out more from Bridgman if you are looking for garden furniture inspiration. All that matters is to build a space for people in your garden. While flowers and perfect hedges are impressive, they are lost if you don’t make your garden welcoming to human beings.


Kids Are Destroying My Plants

Can it be anything more frustrating than spending hours working in your garden just to watch it destroyed by the kids when they go out for a play? Well, while there may be a few things that are more annoying, this one is high on the list. The easiest way around it is to divide your garden into different areas so that you can create a play area for the kids. This will limit the risks of them running in the middle of your precious flowers. Additionally, the garden division is a landscaping approach that enables you to create multiple gardens out of the same space. In other words, just because you add an outdoor playground, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style it. If you have a tree, a cute tree house will be a perfect eye-catcher in the kids’ division, for example. But you could, just as well, use a multilevel garden deck to create a pool and play area too. Your imagination is the limit!


Cats And Dogs Are Fouling In The Garden

While everybody loves to pet the neighbour’s cat, it’s a lot less fun when the cat is constantly fouling in your garden. You can find a variety of strategies to keep the cats – and dogs – away from your precious world of green. For instance, you can find battery-powered cat repellers for less than £25 than are designed to generate a sound that cats and dogs can hear. The device can target many other animals, such as foxes or rats, for example so that you can choose the frequency for the right target. Additionally, you can also find smell repellents that are designed to spray into the area. However, sprays work best in small areas so that they won’t have any impact in large gardens. There are some cat plants that are highly repellent to cats, without being harmful. These are effective. However, you will need several plants to target a large area. Finally, using a garden netting to protect your plants is effective as cats don’t like to walk on these. You can also simply cover the soil and let the plants grow through the netting.


Pests Are Ruining My Garden

There are some pests that you simply don’t want to deal with in your garden. Slugs and snails are common problems of gardeners who start a vegetable patch. However, they are different tips that you can deploy to stop them from chewing your courgettes. One of the preferred methods is to leave an empty patch of soil between your plants so that the slugs and snails are exposed to birds. Another quick and natural way of getting rid of these is to lay beer traps. But, if you have a compost bin outdoors, you will rapidly notice that it will attract the attention of most pests, thus keeping your garden healthy and pest-free! There are, however, certain types of pest, such as termites and wasps, which you don’t want to deal with on your own. These should be the responsibility of a professional.


My Pond Fishes Are Dying

If you have a pond in your garden and notice that your fishes are showing alarming signs of stress, it’s time to have a look at any issue that could be putting them at risk. A leaking pond is not only a danger for your fishes, but it can also cause partial flooding in your garden. So, do check the water level regularly! Additionally, it is important to keep your water clean. Most ponds use ultraviolet and biological filters to manage algae and fish waste. Make sure you are too, as you can’t keep your fishes in a pond that doesn’t manage wastes.


I’ve Let It Grow Too Much

An overgrown garden happens quickly than one thinks. Whether the weather has been too bad for you to maintain the garden, or you’ve been bedridden for a long time, an overgrown garden can be intimidating at first. It is difficult to recognise the landscape that you planned when a vegetal chaos has taken over the garden! Recovering an overgrown garden is hard work, but it isn’t impossible! You will need to be able to identify the plants from the weed and rogue plants; remove anything you don’t want. Rejuvenating pruning is also a helpful method to reclaim your overgrown garden. Large species respond well to smaller shape, assuming you keep enough for the plant to survive.


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