How To Choose The Right Plants For Your Garden

Choosing the right plants for your garden

Even for the most experienced gardener, choosing the right plants is never easy. There are hundreds of little things to consider, and it’s hard to get the right combination. Some plants and shrubs are better suited to certain times of year, for example. Others need a very specific climate or water intake.

For the beginner gardener, there’s a lot of research and learning to be done here. You’ll figure most of it out through trial-and-error! You’ll plant one set of flowers and watch how they grow. You’ll plant another and wonder why they’re struggling. There’s a fine art to becoming a quality gardener, trust us. Without further ado, here’s how to choose those first plants for your garden.

Size – First all, you’ve got to consider the size of your space. Then, take note of how big the plant will grow to. Often, they start nice and small, but they’ll grow significantly! For example, you could buy a lavender crate, but beware, these grow very large. A small mediterranean tree, on the other hand, will remain much the same size. Do bear this is mind if you’re buying gifts from The Gluttonous Gardener. The last thing you want is to give the gift of an enormous tree!

Season – As we briefly explained in the intro, trees and plants respond differently over the year. Some flowers are early bloomers. They’ll pop open in March, and last most of the summer. Naturally, you’ll want to plant these early. However, avoid the September bloomers, as all you’ll get is a summer of poor growth! Of course, you can always opt for an all-year-round bloomer like the Green Mountain Boxwood. That way, your garden stays colourful whatever the weather.

Climate suitability – Unfortunately, no matter how much you love Orchids and Passionflower, they’ll struggle to survive in a cool, wet environment. The same goes for ginger, ferns, and fuchsias. Yes, they look fantastic, and a tropical garden would create an outdoor paradise. But, they simply won’t last, and you’ll fight an uphill battle to keep them alive. Choose plants and trees that suit your climate.

Pest attraction – It’s no secret that pests love your garden. Greenflies munch through your leafs like nothing else. Wasps are attracted to bright flowers and sweet smells. Quite simply, if you’re a budding gardener, you’re inviting a whole host of unwanted guests. You can do your best to reduce this impact. Choose plants that have less attraction to the biggest garden pests. Unless you plan to combat them with increased birds, hedgehogs and butterflies.

Range – Lastly, it’s important to create a range of plants in the garden. Your outdoor area should be populated with trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials. Each take their own space in the garden, with their unique needs. Make the most of each plant and use them to create a wonderful mix.

Gardening is all about understanding the plants around you. Choose the best ones for long-life and ease of maintenance. Follow these tips and you’ll put yourself on the right track. Good luck!


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