How To Make Your Garden More Personal

custom outdoor space

Whether your house is a brand new build, or an old, worn design, you likely take pride in how it looks. Some might go for the traditional look, whereas others might be looking for a modern, sleek approach. Of course, these are all elements we consider when we’re discussing what to do with the inside of our homes. Where do you begin with the exterior? I know I asked myself that question for far too long. It always seems like such a mammoth task in comparison with the interior, which seems far easier to design in your own personalised, creative image.


Treat your garden like your interior.

If you found decorating the inside of your house easy, don’t go viewing your back or front garden as any different. Sure, nature might seem overwhelming and much more resistant to man-made interruption than the artificial confines of your house, but there’s just as much room for creativity and a little dash of your personal taste in the outdoor world as there is with your design in the indoor world.

So if you want to accessorise your garden, think big. Nature is beautiful, and you may have spent a long time putting together plants or beautiful flower arrangements, but there’s no harm in weaving elements of artificial beauty in there. Man-made creations, such as a sweet, simple garden gnome, sleek stone paving slabs or even a fountain, if you wanted to go completely wild, could entirely transform your garden and let the world know it’s your own. On the topic of man-made constructions which could blend beautifully with the natural elements of your garden…


A patio could make your exterior feel a little more homely.

Bla. Browse the internet and compare some patio prices, so that you can decide which one is right for you. Of course, design is also just as important as price. If your garden already has a certain theme, or a certain style of plants, flowers and other shrubbery, then you want your patio to blend seamlessly with the pre-existing colour scheme.

Minimalism is often a brilliant route to take, as it keeps your garden feeling refreshing, green, natural and unobstructed by man-made design. At the same time, you’ll have a nice table or set of arm chairs to truly absorb the beauty of your landscaping and have a nice warm brew on a winter’s evening, or a steaming barbecue with the family on a summer’s night.

personalized outdoor space


Be inventive with your outdoor space.

Trim the shrubbery in your front or back garden into majestic shapes, if you so wish. There’s nothing wrong with getting creative and deciding you don’t want to do the standard shape or design for your lawn. Cut a portion out of the center and build a feature rock garden. It might be man-made, but it’ll be a natural feature, serving to improve the look of your garden, rather than demolishing it. That’s the perfect way to incorporate a portion of you, without ruining the beauty of nature.

Even lighting can be incorporated into a garden subtly and naturally to really accentuate some of the colour schemes and beautiful designs you’ve spent so long landscaping, even when it’s late at night. Who says you should only be able to appreciate your work during the day?

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