It’s Time To Transform Your Garden

It's Time To Transform Your Garden

There’s a lot that can be done with a garden, but it is often the case that not a lot is done. During the colder months especially, the garden seems to be pushed to the side and left to rot… literally. But now is the time to stop that. The garden can be completely transformed in a matter of days, with just a few simple steps. It is a lot easier to make the garden look fabulous than it is the house, and this is a common misconception that people have. They’ll put so much effort into the house thinking that it is much easier to sort. Come the summer, the garden could be transformed into a haven of relaxation, fun, and a place for all of your friends and family to hang out. So if you’re looking for a way to transform your garden, we’ve got it. Take a read on to find out more.


Clear Out

The first thing you need to do is have a little clear out to make way for all the new, amazing things you’re about to put in your garden. There’s no denying that the colder months really do have an effect on your garden. The longer you leave it without doing something, the more the problems are going to build up. All you need is a nice sunny day, and an afternoon in the garden. If the sun is shining the soil will have thawed out by the afternoon, hence it being the perfect timing. Clear out all the leaves and any dead petals that might be clogging up your grass. Overtime, these do build up more than you might suspect. The it is time to get rid of all your old plants that won’t have survived the winter. Getting rid of them not only frees up soil space, but gives you the opportunity to have a whole new vibe in your garden. Are you’re clearing them out, make sure you’re turning the soil to bring all the fresh soil and nutrients up to the surface. You can then ready the soil with some fertilizer which will help all of the new plants to grow. As for the grass, giving it a fresh trim is first on your agenda. You should really wait until you’ve had a clear run of sun for a few days to let the grass truly dry out. There’s nothing worse than mowing grass when it’s wet, it just leaves clumps all over the place, and it really does become a nightmare. So, when you do have a good few days, get that lawn mower out and get busy. If your grass is lacking a bit of life due to the neglect over the summer, you can spruce it up a bit by using natural lawn fertilizers. It’ll help the grass grow, but give it that lush green colour that we all crave. Once you’ve got rid of all the old, it is in with the new. One we move to the spruce up part of your garden transformation.


Spruce Up

So, you’ve conquered the worst bit, the clean up operation. The next part is actually really therapeutic, and one of the best things you can do for your garden. First you need to pick some plants that you really like the look of. As we’re creeping towards spring, now is the best time to begin thinking about this. We recommend an array of colours that compliment each other. For example, white and blue really set each other off. One one side of your garden, you could have a section of white, followed by blue, followed by white, and maybe even a row of pink. It is this organised fashion that will really make your garden pop. Plus, there are some beautifully bright flowers displaying these colours. For the white, we recommend a rhododendron, for the blue we recommend a cornflower plant, and for the pink we recommend a dahlia. Now, if you’re looking to really spruce things up, a nice tree compliments any garden. They look great, offer a nice shaded area when the weather is hard, and require little to no management. One we know you’re going to love is a nice orchid tree. Orchids are truly magnificent, if you’ve ever been to an orchid garden, you’ll really understand their true beauty. They vary in size, so some are going to be perfect for your little garden. They blossom the most amazing purple flowers, and will really add a bit of flare to your garden. It’ll be the talking point of any friends or family you might have round!


Cosy Additions

Once you’ve got the, shall we say decor, of your garden sorted, it is time to think about the additions you can put in your garden that will create the relaxation area you and your friends or family need. The garden after all, is one of the best ways to get away from the rush of the house, and enjoy some sun. So, the first thing we’re going to recommend is a good set of furniture. Don’t just go for the normal decking chairs and table, push the boat out a little. There are some really luxurious looking garden furniture sets, that come with deep sunk sofas, large padded chairs, and gorgeous tables. For those nights where the temperature drops just a little too much, but you’re not ready to vacate into the house, we recommend a nice outdoor log burner. It gives that rustic feel, looks great, and does a marvellous job of keeping you and your guests warm. Let’s not forget the children when we’re thinking of your garden transformation. Whilst we like to relax in the garden, it does become their playground. A little kids area, with perhaps a sand pit and a slide to let their imaginations run to thoughts of the beach. It gives them an area out of the way from yours, so that you can both have your own conversations in peace.

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