Keeping Chickens: Cluck At All These Benefits

Keeping Chickens: Cluck At All These Benefits

Enthusiastic gardeners will want to make the best possible use of their outdoor space. For that reason, many individuals consider keeping animals like chickens outside. That is a fantastic idea because there are lots of benefits your family will encounter. Some of the best ones get a mention in this post, and the info should assist in setting the record straight. So, take a moment to read down the page, and you should gain a conventional understanding of all the advantages of keeping chickens in your garden.


Fresh, organic eggs for your family

Keeping chickens will inevitably mean your family gets to benefit from fresh eggs every morning. That is brilliant because you won’t support the battery farm industry that produces most of the eggs you find at local stores. You will also save a fortune every year if you don’t have to get those items from the supermarket. While you will have to spend money on steel chicken runs, food, and health-care, those investments should pay for themselves within the first twelve months. Also, you’ll notice the eggs your chickens lay taste ten times better than anything you can buy elsewhere.  


Free fertilizer for your garden

Admittedly, most people don’t get too excited at the idea of having lots of chicken waste in their gardens. However, it’s one of the best natural fertilizers around, and it has a high nutrient level. That is why chicken waste gets classed as one of the best manures in the world. If you struggled to grow plants and flowers in the past, you should notice an improvement almost immediately. Estimates suggest that people who keep around five chickens will produce enough manure for their vegetable gardens for the entire year.


Finally some free pest control!

The last thing anyone wants to do is spray their organic vegetables and fruits with pesticides. While it might stop bugs from eating the food, it also changes the genetic makeup of the items. You should avoid all chemicals at all costs. Chickens offer some of the best natural pest control available. As they eat almost every type of bug, slug, tick, and grasshopper, chickens should keep your garden safe and secure. Indeed, your flowers and vegetables are going to look bigger and healthier than ever before.


Other benefits:

  • Cruelty free
  • Educational for the kids
  • Help to preserve chicken breeds
  • Weed control solution


Now you know about some of the primary benefits of keeping chickens in your garden, maybe you should head out and pick up a new coup or beginner set? You won’t have to spend much to get your first few chicks and keep them safe in the garden. Just be sure to raise your fences and plug any gaps if your neighbors have dogs or cats as pets. For whatever reason, those animals seem to enjoy annoying and injuring chickens. If you do that, you will have a fantastic experience and probably recommend chickens to all your friends. So, what’s holding you back? Visit your local farm and buy some chickens today!

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