Landscapers Unite! What You Need To Garden This Summer

Landscapers Unite! What You Need To Garden This Summer

As the warm and long days start to roll in, it’s finally time for your green thumb to grow greener than ever. Even if you’re a rookie to all this, now is going to be the perfect time to join in. So what do you need to do some serious landscaping this summer? Let’s take a look.

A Shovel

This is going to be your best friend through the whole of this summer. You’ll have it with you at almost all times during the early stages of landscaping. A lot of landscaping involves digging. It’s a very physical activity, so you need to be prepared for some hard work. The good news is that you’re bound to end up fitter a result.

Whether you’re digging up a new flower bed or making a ditch for a pond or water fountain, your shovel is going to be your ally.

Composting & Waste Disposal Facilities

There’s a lot of garden waste that you’re going to get through during this process. Anything from grass cuttings to plants being dug up from the last time you did a major landscaping.

You may have a composting bin that’ll do you well for a little while. You’ll need to look into skips for hire eventually though. Garden waste can far exceed the capacity of a composting bin if you’re doing some serious work.


Potted plants are a mainstay of gardens. Whether you’re growing a rosebush or a bean plant. Whether you’re using ceramic or plastic pots, it’s always good to have a few spares lying around.

Some pots may crack under the weight of the soil and plant. It could be that the expansion of the roots of the plant causes fractures too. Two or three backup pots will be there if you need to perform an emergency re-potting.


You would be surprised how many people still don’t have one. Whether you’re using an old school manual mower or a modern electric one, you need to mow your lawn to take care of it. Letting it get overgrown can lead to the prevalence of weeds and other unwanted growths.

Mowing the lawn ensures that the grass seed is spread.

Pruning Shears

A lot of plants need shearing from time to time. Cutting away dead or dominant branches on big or small plants can promote healthy and even growth throughout the plant. It doesn’t matter if you’re cutting a hedge or taking a few cuttings off a rosebush. It still helps.

A Hose Or Watering Can

Of course, none of this can last if you don’t water your plants daily. It’s not enough to rely on rain to feed them, especially in these dry summer months. Your house should be fitted with an outside tap as a source of water.

You can attach the hose to the tap quite easily, part of the problem is controlling the flow. You should get yourself a proper head for the hose. Think of it as a shower head but with a squeeze trigger. You should be able to give your plants a good spray with just a twitch of the finger then.

Featured image/Flickr: Official US Navy

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