Love Plants But Hate Gardening? Bring Some of the Outdoors Inside

Love Plants But Hate Gardening? Bring Some of the Outdoors Inside

In the long winter months, it can be hard to be out and about as much as we’d like to. But it is nice to be able to be around nature and the feelings that it gives us. But as we’re outside less at this time of year, it makes sense to bring some of the gardens inside. Not only does it make our homes look a lot more attractive, but it can actually be good for our health to bring plants and shrubs inside. After all, they are the things that help to provide us with more oxygen, right? So if you love plants and flowers but are a bit of a fair-weather gardener, here are some things that you could be doing to bring some of the outside inside.


Fresh Cut Flowers

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your home, then getting a bouquet or some fresh cut flowers is the best way to do it. They won’t be mega long lasting, but they will bring plenty of beauty with them for the time that they are in your home. To prolong the life of them, make sure that they regularly get fresh water in their vase and any gunk gets rinsed of their stems. You can also get some flower food from most horticulture stores, so look out for that. You could even make you own by using a recipe like this one:


Bring Trees Inside

Plants and trees don’t just have to stay outdoors. There are so many different varieties of planters these days. So you could find a deep one that will be able to house large roots for a small tree or large plant. Then you can just have it by a window or in the corner of the room to give a natural look to the room. It could also be worth looking at getting some specific light bulbs to help plants and trees grow indoors. You could look at if you wanted any more information.


Use Natural Materials Inside

If you want to create a feeling of the outside but inside, then another great way is by using really natural materials as you build your home. Lots of natural looking wood for doors and tables is a great idea. You could even carve something yourself if you are into that kind of thing. It could be using stone too. Something like a stone basin in the bathroom could look really stunning. Think about wall decor too. Can you make art with twigs and other things that you can find in the garden?


Use Skylights

These are often used in loft conversions or extensions. But it isn’t set in stone that that is so. You can have skylights installed in any room that is just below the roof. Then you can enjoy the look of the outdoors when you look up. It works well if you can have one just above your bed, for example.

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