Perfect Additions To Your Perfect Garden

Perfect Additions To Your Perfect Garden

The sun is out, and your garden is perfectly kept. Time for some well-deserved leisure time in the garden. You look around and see your perfectly mowed lawn, the blooming flowers, and the lush vegetable patch, but you still feel something is missing. Here are some key features you can add to your garden for that little bit of extra.


Sculptures in your garden can nicely balance things out. Whether you are into contemporary art or classical Roman sculptures, there is something for everyone. You can opt for a stone sculpture for a classic look or opt for wooden sculptures to make it blend it in more. You can also go for glass or metal made sculptures for more striking features in your garden.


If a bust of Caesar is not your thing, maybe a water feature is. The sound of flowing water adds a zen-like atmosphere, and the moving water brings some dynamic excitement to the garden. The water will also attract birds and wildlife, adding more life to the garden. Adding a source of sound to your garden can help to drown out unwanted noises from outside your idyllic realm.


An excellent alternative to a water feature is a classic rose arch. With the right climbing plant and flowers, this is a hallmark feature that emanates traditional beauty and style. Another benefit of a rose arch is that it adds height to the garden. You can place an arch at the entrance of the garden, on a path or in a quiet corner.

Another feature that fits a traditional style is a pond. A pond opens additional possibilities of the kind of vegetation you might want to have in your garden. Additionally, you can add fish to your garden. Just make be sure to maintain your pond as still water quickly attracts and grows algae. If the pond is large enough, you might also want to consider a small bridge. And if you like the idea of a bridge, but don’t want to dig a pond, consider a bridge across flower beds. In the end, it is your garden and who is going to tell you can’t have a bridge?


If the garden should be more of an entertainment area for you, consider adding a built-in barbeque grill. You can get premade kits for the coal and ash boxes. The only thing you need to build is a brick enclosure, a perfect job for a weekend. Alternatively, you can add a pool. If you don’t want to dig up your garden, you can find some great above the ground options here.


A well built and stocked birdhouse makes an excellent addition to the outdoor area. As with the water feature and pond, it’s great for attracting birds and other wildlife to your garden. As a bonus, you can do some birdwatching in your own backyard.


There are plenty of options to add features to your garden to make it stand out. And if all things fail, you can still decide to purchase an army of garden gnomes and have them take over your garden.


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