Preparing For Fall: Gardening Jobs You Need To Do

Preparing for Fall: Gardening jobs you need to do

While we are still in the midst of summer, there is no surprise that any keen gardener will already be planning for the seasons ahead. It’s true that there are different jobs that require being done, at different points of the year. Which is why the fall is something that will be fresh in the mind of any keen gardener. Planning and effort are required to ensure that any hard work done in previous months will not be undone. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the gardening jobs that you need to do.


Giving the lawn some TLC

The lawn may be a dominant feature of your garden, and if so, it requires some love and attention. Of course, your lawn may need work throughout the year, but as the colder months approach, it may be time to start considering giving your lawn some food and treatments to help it along in fall and winter months. This ensures, that even when the ice and cold weather hits, that your lawn won’t suffer and will continue to thrive. The last thing anyone wants is a lawn that has lost its sparkle once the next spring and summer gets here.


Blowing away the leaves

This may not be a job into fall actually hits our shores, but the leaves that fall from the trees and the hedges can make our gardens look untidy and unruly. So it is important to ensure that the leaves are cleaned away. A handheld blower could be ideal, but you may find that they don’t do the job properly. So it could be worth looking online to read backpack blower reviews. This could help you find the ideal tool to clear away those leaves for good, in a timely fashion. What’s more to love? Often this is a chore that people hate to do, but you will be much happier come next year when you have already done some of the hard work.


Tidying up the flower beds

Weeding and taking care of the flower beds may be a gardening job you do all year round, but it is especially important to ensure that you tidy up the flower beds just before fall hits. When the leaves begin to drop you will find that you already have a mammoth task ahead to clear them. So it’s important that any weeding has been done beforehand.


Repotting plants

Some plants may have gotten too big for their pots and might need replacing into your flowerbeds or new pots. Try and get this sort of task done before the colder weather hits. The plant will benefit from the better surrounds that their roots have been planted in.


Keep the soil hydrated

Many people will have had a hot summer where your garden will have struggled from dehydration at times. So it’s important to water throughout the warmer months, but don’t stop this action. It is bad for soil and gardens to enter winter dehydrated. However, don’t over water the plants and gardens, ensure that the soil remains damp, but plants don’t sit in a pool of water as this can cause damage as well. People may be vigilant to water in the summer, but autumn can also supply warm temperatures.


I hope this has helped you better prepare yourself and your garden for the colder months ahead.

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