Pumping Dandelion! Turning Your Garden Into A Gym

Pumping Dandelion! Turning Your Garden Into A Gym

Most of us consider our garden to be a nice relaxing haven, a backdrop for chilling out, perhaps with a summer barbecue, but if you are looking for something completely different to do with your garden, why don’t you turn it into a gym? It doesn’t have to be a mega fitness center, but you could take some inspiration from those outdoor gyms they have in Los Angeles and are popping up all over the place now, and use this to pepper your garden with some fitness equipment. So how do you turn your garden into a gym?


Look At The Equipment

It doesn’t have to be (garden) wall to wall equipment, but there are things that you could install that are practical for fitness, but also lend a bit of style of the garden. A swimming pool, for example, is the perfect addition to any garden to give it a layer of attractiveness. And what’s more, everyone’s going to want to have a dip in the pool, whatever the time of year. Most people pick inground vinyl liners to put inside the pool, but these can need replacing every 12 to 15 years because of the chlorine in the pool, as well as the sun. But you can visit Sparklean Pools to learn more about vinyl liner pool repair and how best to go about this. The bottom line, a swimming pool is a great addition to any garden, but it’s also an excellent keep fit method. Look at the practicalities of the equipment, and as you would be better off with free weights, rather than electrical equipment, this will cut down on your electricity bills.


The External Look

If you’ve got a garden that’s very fair and natural, the harshness of the steel equipment will contrast. So think about the overall look, not just from the inside, but from the outsider’s perspective. In your garden, if you want to set up a gym room, consider the colors, so they blend in with the equipment, but also think about landscaping methods to soften any harsh corners and straight lines in the design.


Consider The Weather

If you are based in a place where there are lots of temperamental weather conditions, this is going to be a big impact on how you design your garden gym. You might want to consider installing equipment that has good grips or has bits of rubber fastened onto it. So if you have something like steel bars, and you fancy doing a few pull-up sessions in the rain, you won’t slip and break your face. Likewise, if you enjoy jogging on the spot, you need to consider the practicalities of the floor. Grips and non-slippery surfaces are vital if you plan on turning your garden into a gym.


Think About The Long-term

Sure, you want to build a garden gym now but think about the long term. So, is it practical for you to install gym equipment everywhere, or is it better for you to put some in the corner of the garden? Think about the resale value of the property. And a garden gym is definitely a unique addition to any garden.

It’s an individual idea, definitely, but it’s certainly a way to get some health and fitness without going for those expensive gym sessions.


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