Reach The Sky And Create A Balcony Garden

Reach The Sky And Create A Balcony Garden

When you’re stuck living in the city, a garden can feel like a distant dream. Concrete balconies that overlook a city covered in a smoky haze doesn’t sound like a beautiful scene, but with a little money and a lot of creativity, you could have a balcony garden to rival Eden.

Not having a yard space to transform shouldn’t stop you in your garden dreams. Look out on your balcony and ask yourself what you can see. An intimate space that is manageable, stunning and totally useful can be far better than a massive back yard with a sweeping lawn and crazy paving, and we’ve got some top tips to get you the space you can brag about.

Light & Weather. A balcony isn’t always exposed to the sunshine, and you need to know how many hours of sunlight your balcony gets through the day before you plant anything. While you’re at it, check out which parts of your balcony get no light at all. Check out these plants for planting in the sunshine to make your balcony green. Other than the light, you need to know your little microclimate so that you know how windy/rainy/hot it’ll get out there. You can only prepare the right shelter when you know if you need it.

Planters. Choosing your plants is one thing, knowing you are using the right planters is another. Your planters need to have the growing room for the type of plant you’ve chosen, and they need to be able to drain adequately, too. Think about the pots that you use for your plants and make sure you choose robust ones that can handle the winter months. Porous material pots like terracotta give the best drainage, so choose those over plastic.

Flooring. We mentioned the sweeping lawns and how you could be missing out on them. Well, if you want to have a balcony garden with a green space, check out Multiturf. You could lay some artificial turf over your concrete balcony and transform the entire space.

Furniture. Okay, so you won’t be putting out a full outdoor dining set, but you can still get a great little bistro set. Fold out table and chairs are perfect for a coffee and a newspaper first thing in the morning and you get to enjoy the balcony garden that you’ve created. Think about how you want to use the space: to relax or to grow herbs or simply just to look at.

When you think about your garden, you can make it as complicated or as simple as you would like and there’s no need to spend thousands on a renovation, either. A balcony garden is the perfect size for an intimate space when you rent an apartment in the city. Figuring out the exact environment for your balcony is the first step before planning it all out. Your chance of success with your garden is increased by knowing everything that you can before you get going.


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