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Revealed: The Stress-Free Way To Maintain Acres Of Garden

Thanks to our ever-expanding population, many people end up in homes with small gardens. But, if you’re lucky enough to have a large one, you can use it to grow all kinds of things. If you have acres of land, you can grow plenty of fruit and vegetables to lead a more self-sustainable life!

Of course, some people feel that such a blessing is actually a curse in disguise! As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and financial commitment to maintain a large garden. Sure, you could just do nothing about it and let nature take over.

But, one’s garden is often a focal point for any visitors to their home! Getting greeted by an urban forest may not be something you wish your visitors to experience!

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So, what is the best way of maintaining acres of garden without getting stressed out? Keep reading to find out more.


Invest in a ride-on lawnmower

Using an electric lawnmower to keep your grass trimmed is out of the question. And a petrol lawnmower just isn’t practical for acres of land. To keep your grass under control, you need to invest in a ride-on lawnmower.

In a nutshell, it’s a tool that will save hours (and even days) off any grass-cutting exercise. What’s more, they are quite fun to drive too! My personal preference is for a John Deere ride-on lawnmower, such as the 2500B.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The good news is that you can buy them almost anywhere. They aren’t special-order products or anything like that. For example, Beacon Equipment are a nationally recognised John Deere dealer. But, you’ll likely find a local one that supplies ride-on lawnmowers.

Other brands you could consider include Honda, Mountfield, Snapper and Lawnflite.


Install an irrigation system for plants and flowers

Another thing you should consider doing is installing an irrigation system. You can connect them up to remote timers so they operate at specific times each day.

Their job is to automate the process of watering for you. Let’s face it. You aren’t going to ride around carrying buckets of water on your land! It makes sense to have your plants watered by an automatic mechanical method.

You can buy irrigation systems from firms that sell to the agriculture industry.


Put up fencing around your land boundaries

As you have acres of garden to contend with, it’s likely you live out in the country. You might not know it, but all kinds of local wildlife will enter your garden when you’re not looking. Examples include animals like foxes. You may even get the odd stray sheep or two exploring your manicured lawn!

You want to keep your garden safe, secure and secluded. The best way to do that is by erecting some tall fencing around your land boundaries. There are many options open to you for fences.

For example, you could opt for traditional wooden fencing. Some people even install metal fences. If you don’t want a fence arrangement, there’s always the option of building brick walls!


Thanks for reading today’s blog post. Good luck!

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