Secret Garden? You’ll Want To Show Off These Yard Renovation Ideas!

Secret garden renovation ideas

Not all Australians enjoy gardening. And not all of us have the time to spend tending flowerbeds and lawns. But most of us certainly admire some of the secret gardens that have become popular all over the place lately. If you wish, you could turn your boring yard into a beautiful vista, then grab your spade. It’s not as much work as you think it might be to look after a well-designed garden.

Renovating your outdoor spaces may be a big project to take on. But gutting a garden is no more upheaval than renovating your bathroom or kitchen. Sure, it looks like a mess for a week or two. But when it is done, you have a beautiful space for outdoor dining, or even an extra living space if the weather complies. As with indoor renovations, the work can be tackled more quickly and effectively with a little professional help. But if you’re on your own, don’t panic. There is still plenty you can do to create that dream garden.

If your garden hasn’t been touched in a few years, chances are your water tank needs replacing. When you look at websites like you can see there are different sizes to choose from. It can be handy to stick with an underground tank if the digging out has been done. But you might choose to utilise a tank that looks good without obstructing the garden. It makes plumbing easier to change should you need to utilise it for the home as well as the garden.

Once the groundworks for your new garden are complete, it’s time to sketch out your plan. Australian weather can be temperamental at the best of times. Make sure you have protection from the strongest sun and those pesky downpours. Garden rooms are a beautiful addition to your home. They can be used for so many things. A home office, outdoor dining, or even a playroom could be built there. And they’ll all have the best view of your beautifully designed garden. You can find handy design apps at websites like

Planting is a big part of the attraction of a garden. But you don’t have to commit to hard to maintain flower beds or thorny roses. Choose shrubs that slowly fill their space. Structure your garden with different heights of planting. Use hard materials like stone or bark to lessen the need for mowing. But if you are willing to have a lawn, choose a shape and edging that makes mowing easier and quicker. You might shape it around a more elaborate Zen garden design. Water features can make your garden the most relaxing space in your home.

Decking and dining go hand in hand when you’re in the garden. Raise the area a little, and consider the view from all sides of the table. Hang solar powered lights from the roof of your gazebo and along the garden wall. This makes your garden incredibly beautiful once the sun goes down. Why not add a projector image to light up the fence? Turn your yard into a beautiful secret garden this summer.


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