Selecting Suitable Seating For A Sedate Summer Sitdown

Selecting Suitable Seating For A Sedate Summer Sitdown

If you’re a keen gardener, then you’ve probably already spent hundreds of quality hours creating the perfect view to enjoy. After all of that hard work, it’s important you can really enjoy. You don’t have to restrict yourself to admiring your planting and landscaping from the living room window. Instead, celebrate another year of gardening joy with a seating option that will offer you the perfect view all summer long – right there in the middle of what you’ve created!


The Bench

Ordering a bench is easy. Placing it is another matter. Many home gardeners simply pop it out on the placement. It’s unlikely to be stolen or blown over so you shouldn’t need to worry too much about cementing it in. A bench is a social seat. There is plenty of room for one or two others. So why not place it so it faces the most glorious display of your planting. Where is all the color over the summer season? That could be the best spot of all.



Your seating choice might double up as the perfect place to share an al fresco meal or outdoor coffee. Patio sets like this are best placed under some cover, especially in temperamental weather. Companies like Sorara offer plenty of choices of gazebo or pergola. The latter is often a permanent structure, usually made of wood with flat wooden cross beams from one side to the other overhead. A gazebo was traditionally multi-sided, but these days you can find square canvas options to fit any space.



If you love laying in the sun, then what you really need is a sun lounger. Add a small, low-level table, and you can even enjoy a cocktail with straw as you lounge. After so much activity in the garden, you certainly deserve to put your feet up. These seats can be placed on lawn or patio or even your decking. Look for an area that serves as a sun trap, so you have limited breeze to chill you. Always stay safe in the sun with hats and UV protection.


Tree Seat

These have also been called love seats, but that term today can refer to a much wider range of garden furniture. A tree seat is usually made of small benches joined together to circle the trunk of an established, mature tree. The foliage provides plenty of shade and shelter and can offer an intimate or secluded space. Best of all, the sound of the leaves moving in the breeze is all around you offering relaxation and quiet.

The Swing

The gentle to and fro of a swing seat can be very soothing. It offers just enough breeze to cool you down from your swinging effort. Many come with a covering to keep the sun off your head too. Why not order a double seat so you can have fun with a friend?


Sitting in the garden in the summer is one of the best ways to while away those long afternoons. It’s relaxing and healthy. What type of seat suits your garden best?


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