Spring Vegetables That Will Grow in Any Garden

Growing lettuce

Spring is firmly underway. You can almost feel the change in the air! The sun is shining, and everyone seems to be just little bit happier. The birds are singing, and there will soon be more new life than you can shake a stick it. It sure is a beautiful time of year. With the changing season, many green fingered folk are keen to start pruning and tending their vegetable plots. After all, the change of the season means that there is going to be a change to the kinds of harvest that we can produce within our gardens. When it comes to growing vegetables, it need not be a difficult task. On the contrary, planting and harvesting seasonal vegetables is a piece of cake.

Let’s take a look at some of the best spring vegetables that will grow in any garden.

growing radishes

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The tangy, sharp taste of the radish makes it a firm favorite in everyone’s salad. But, radishes can be costly in the local store. It’s time to grow your own and save yourself a bundle in the process. Radishes can be grown with ease. Radishes grow in a quick turnaround time. Simply plant the radish seeds or bulbs, and you can have a full yield within three weeks. According to http://www.pomonafruits.co.uk, these are excellent vegetables for all kinds of gardeners as the seeds adapt to their environment very quickly. But, due to the nature of the leaves, they can be pulled from the ground quickly too.


Lettuce is a firm favorite in many households, due to the sheer variety of texture. For many people, they often think it’s cheap to buy lettuce from the supermarket. But, if you choose to grow your own, you can ensure that you have a year round supply of unusual and different lettuce types. If you want to make sure that you are maximizing your yield, opt for baby lettuces. These can adapt to almost any soil type and require very little maintenance and gardening. Think of them as a beginner’s lettuce. What’s more, baby lettuces are prone to growing in all kinds of environments. Do make sure that you sow these seeds close together to increase your harvests potential.

Growing peppers

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Sweet peppers or rich peppers, the choice is yours. If you have a smaller garden or very limited space, peppers can be an excellent way to grow your own with minimum fuss. All you need is a planter and supporting poles to ensure that the peppers grow upright. You need very moist, fertile soil to maximize the yield and the taste from these peppers. If you have dry earth, or rocky ground, grow them in a tub or container. These can take a small while to grow to full maturity. Usually, two months is the rule of thumb when growing peppers.


Turnips are something of an acquired taste. But, they are an incredibly versatile and easy plant to grow. What’s more, you don’t need to have amazingly rich soil to encourage growth. These hardy plants can grow in all kinds of soil. But, they are at their best when they are planted in the spring time. If you have a shady garden, that’s okay. The trusty turnip will still grow. You can harvest these crops as soon as you start to see the leafy roots. Due to the nature of the turnip, you won’t impair the flavor if you pull them out of the ground while young.


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