The Beginner’s Guide To Al Fresco Dining

The Beginner's Guide To Al Fresco Dining

Spring isn’t that far away, which means we’ll all soon be making the most of the warmer weather by being outdoors. A bit of al fresco dining is the perfect way to embrace the sunshine, offering you some wonderful new dining experiences at home.

Al fresco dining should be relaxed, chic and full of great food. If you’ve never really dined outdoors in your home before, why not start now? Learn how to plan the perfect outdoor dinner experience with this beginner’s guide to al fresco dining.


Get the right furniture in place

Having the right dining furniture in your garden can make a huge difference to your al fresco experience. Today’s patio furniture designs are modern and sleek, reminiscent of what you’d find at a European restaurant. Patio Productions have a great selection of affordable furniture to help make your dining experience great. Large sets are ideal for families or if you’re planning on entertaining, while smaller patio furniture is great if there’s just the two of you or you don’t have a lot of space. Choose styles that can survive different types of weather, or invest in some covers to keep your items in good condition.


Create the right lighting scheme

Al fresco dining calls for good lighting, and the lighting you choose will help you create the right mood. From romantic lighting to a more lively soiree, adding lights will make all the difference to your outdoor dining. Take a look at stylish garden lighting ideas for inspiration – you’ll find plenty of lantern and string light ideas that could transform your space.


Add music for atmosphere

Music can really help to see the mood. Whether you want to woo your other half or simply create a more vibrant evening, you’ll find that music really transforms your experience. A bit of mood music will transport you back to vacations or great summer nights, offering the ideal way to relax and unwind. All you need is a portable speaker hooked up to your phone or computer to bring your evening to life with music.


Pick the right menu

Once you’ve got the setting and atmosphere in place, you can focus on the most important element of al fresco dining – the food. Summer menus call for lots of fresh, colorful foods that offer a Mediterranean flavor. If you want to enhance your experience, you could start growing organic vegetables in your garden that you can then prepare and eat in the heart of the place they came from. If you’re going to be eating sweet foods, put some citronella candles out to deter the bugs so that you can dine in peace.

Al fresco dining is the perfect way to relax after a long day and soak up the sunshine. Make sure you’ve got all of the essential elements in place to make your experience a good one. With great company, great food and a great setting, you can look forward to many summer evenings to remember.

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