The Easy Rider Of Home Improvements

The Easy Rider Of Home Improvements

Remember that time when you weren’t quite homeowners yet? You were excitedly thumbing through the pages of portfolios given to you by different real estate agents, spending hours on Right move and Pinterest, desperate to start enjoying your own home. But then came the day that you bought, and you realized that you were, in fact, a slave to your new home. Yes, it is rewarding, but it is also a constant battle to stay on top of the ever-growing to-do list.

As such, we have come up with a list of easy-to-maintain alternatives that you should definitely consider when it comes to your future home improvements ideas. Gorgeous makeovers that don’t come with any hassle, now that is what the dream was once all about.


The Roof

Ah, metal roofing, or as it is known to many, the forever roof. Not only is this one of the toughest, most durable and easy to maintain roofing materials currently on the market, it is also seriously cool aesthetically. It has that modern vibe to it that broken clay tiles just can’t capture. As such, the next time you consider redoing your roof, we highly recommend you go metal. Chances are you’ll get a great deal price wise, and land yourself a 50-year guarantee. Now that is the ultimate low maintenance assurance.

The Decking

The worst thing about having a decked area is the annual effort of sealing it. In fact, it is the general maintenance of it. Decking is wood, and wood ages, it splinters, chips, fades and warps. However, it used to be the only option because composite decking looked atrocious, like the CGI in a film from the 60s. But not anymore. Now you can get composite decking with matching composite timber screening that not only looks just like its wood counterpart, there are no maintenance issues either. There is no rot, woodworm, mildew or anything. Instead, it is long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Win and win.


The Counters

Okay, so quartz countertops are the must-have home improvement at the moment. But not only is it to do with the way they look, it is also to do with the fact they are so easy to maintain. What’s more, you can expect a quartz countertop to last a solid 30 years. The bonuses don’t stop there either because along with the long-lasting label, quartz counters come in a wide-range of colors to match your every whim and preference. So, yeah, stylish and resistant to scratches and bacteria. Boom.

The Garden

It could be you have a secret garden, large meadow or little courtyard, it doesn’t matter because there are plenty of options on this front, you’ll be pleased to hear. First off, you have the option to dabble in paving slabs and pebbles, a modern twist on how to use your space in an easy to care for way. Of course, you may be a fan of grass, in which case you have two options available. First, you could go down the artificial route and lay some astroturf; lots of green but little care. If you want actual grass, then it is just a matter of putting in an irrigation system that is linked to a timer. Simple.

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