The Lawn Yawn: Preparing The Grass For The Cold

Preparing the grass for the cold

Everyone with a lawn or a backyard that is covered in grass wants to have that lush greenery to be proud of. The end of the summertime doesn’t mean the end of caring for your lawn, even if the rains and frost that approach can make it feel that way! Fall is actually the best time of the year to prepare for the spring. With the occasional rainfall and the chillier air, many people mistake Fall for the time that the lawn needs less care – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Preparing your lawn for the upcoming cold includes everything from yard mosquito control to lawn feed and water. Cutting the grass down and keeping it moving through the Fall means that by the time you get to the last two cuts of the season, you have fully prepared for more sunlight to reach the top of the grass. Fall is the optimum time to aerate a lawn and get it fully prepared for the cold months, so that by the time the spring rolls around, the lawn is primed and ready to grow. You don’t necessarily have to aerate a lawn yourself, as you can hire a landscaper to come in and do that for you for little cost. It’s a great way to help you get your lawn the right amount of oxygen, fertiliser and water that your lawn needs.

One of the biggest bugbears of the Fall is the bugs and the leaves. Trees that may hang over your yard will shed brown leaves into your garden, meaning that you will end up with a layer of matted brown muck if you don’t rake them daily. Soggy leaves can suffocate grass and stop it from growing correctly, which is not what you want for your backyard. You don’t have to wait until the leaves stop falling before you rake, and waiting to do this can be detrimental to the grass on the ground. The leaves will inevitably become very wet with dew and rain and this leads to them becoming stuck together, which makes it harder for you to work the lawn. Don’t wait: a daily five-minute raking can make a huge difference to your lawn!

Bugs from the summer and slugs from the moisture should start to recede now that the colder months come in. Pest control can be a big issue in the heat but the reprieve comes with the chilled air and all the bugs go underground again. While we’re talking about controlling pests, weeds can absolutely be considered a pest in the garden. Weeds absorb the energy from your lawn and other flowers, so making sure that you have the right level of weed killers down is an essential for the Fall. If you want to kill the weeds without killing your lawn, read here! Always read the labels so you are putting the right lawn medicine down and make sure that you follow the instructions carefully so you don’t use too much.

A lawn in the spring that is lush is one that has had the best maintenance in the Fall – make sure yours is cared for!

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