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Some of the 65 cattle and 30 calves that are born, raised and roam the pastures of Brookview Farm eating grass or resting under shade trees on May 5, 2011 in Manakin-Sabot, VA, one of many farms participating with Fall Line Farms a local food cooperative in the Richmond, VA area that offers a wide variety of household food staples and specialty items on an ever changing inventory of fruits, vegetables, meats, soaps, eggs, cheeses, flowers, honey, pastas, sauces, syrups, baked goods, mushrooms, flour and grains. Suppliers post what they have on a Lulus Local Food online listing and customers (who pay seasonal dues) can make their selection. Then every Thursday suppliers team up with other suppliers to deliver orders to, one of several pick-up points, designated by the customer in or around the Richmond area. USDA Photos by Lance Cheung.

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