Tips For A Better Garden Overhaul

Tips For A Better Garden Overhaul

Like any of our readers, you love your garden, and want it to be as fertile and beautiful as possible. However, sometimes more pressing things can strain your time and money, and lead to your garden winding up looking pretty sorry compared to what it could be. If you’ve let your garden become a bit bleak, and you’re planning a full makeover, here are some tips for making your overhaul a success.

Set a Budget

Any major home project needs a budget to be successful, and making over your garden is no exception. After all, you don’t want to plan on adding some gorgeous water feature and find out halfway through the project that you’ve made too many impulse-buys to follow through with it! Be sure to start off by budgeting for services like professional landscaping, tree surgery, and junk removal services like the ones from Bay Wide Hauling. This will show you what you need to spend to get the garden down to a “blank canvas” state you can then develop on. From there, you can spread out your finances more evenly, and ensure that you don’t wind up with a garden that looks half-finished and a massive hole in your bank account!

Set a Design

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your makeover, you need to go in with some kind of loose plan to stick to. Taking some time to think about what you want to include in the design before you do any work can be a big help later in the process. Though a lot of people don’t know it, hard landscaping and adding in features to a small, urban garden can often cost more than an overhaul of a much larger space! Write down each little element you want to add to the garden, such as water features, sculptures, lighting, sheds and summerhouses, then research how much each one will cost, and prioritise the areas where you’d be happy to compromise. Remember to take your time considering how the home itself will look with the landscaping you’re going to use. If you have a red-bricked home, then warmer, earthy greys look much better than bright, more yellowish tones, which look good with lighter, limestone brickwork. Fail to plan, and you’re planning to fail!

Choose Your Shrubs and Plants Wisely

Though they may not be the costliest feature you’ll want to add to your garden, some shrubs are much more economical than others! If your budget is stretched as it is, then try to make some smart decisions when filling your made-over garden with shrubs. Choose ones that will fruit, flower or have attractive autumn foliage, such as Viburnum and Sarcococca. These will come back into full bloom year after year, giving you more for your money, and putting off the need for any more garden overhauls. There are also a range of small plants and perennials which are highly affordable, and will work miracles to breathe life into a worn-out garden. Simply doing your research, and choosing plants that give you more for your money, can make all the difference.


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