Tips For Cutting Down A Tree On Your Property

Tips For Cutting Down A Tree On Your Property

Gardening isn’t all building sheds and planting new flowers for you to enjoy in the summer months. Sometimes you need to take care of the tasks that ensure your garden and property is safe and at its very best. This could mean that on occasion you need to cut down a tree that might be dead or poses a risk to your house or others around you. But if you need to cut down a tree, where do you begin? Below, we offer some tips on making sure you get it right.


Inspecting the Danger

Before anything else, you’ll need to take a look at the tree in question and give it a thorough inspection. What state is it in, and how easy will it be to cut down? This will mean determining how tall it is and how many people it’ll need to cut down. It could be that it requires more than just your hard work – it might be time to rope in the help of friends and family! Just make sure they have a thorough training session beforehand….


Is It An Animal’s Home?

More than anything else, it’s absolutely crucial that you ensure that this tree isn’t called home by any creatures. Wildlife is suffering enough and needs all the help it can get – you cutting down one of their refuges will not help at all. Pay particular attention to any nesting birds, as there may be eggs inside. If there are, you’ll have to rethink the whole operation, or get an expert in who can take care of the tree and the wildlife.


Checking You Can

Another thing to be aware of is whether you’re actually allowed to cut down the tree. Depending on where you live, the tree in question may be protected by law and you will not be able to cut it down. Of course, if it’s a danger then something will be done – but you’ll have to go through the proper channels. Similarly, make sure the tree is actually on your property – you neighbour will not appreciate losing a tree just because you thought it was on your land when it wasn’t!


Tips For Cutting Down A Tree On Your Property


Knowing What You’re Doing

There is an art to cutting down a tree, and you better know what you’re doing. First, research the best chainsaw to buy for the job and make sure you’re completely comfortable operating the machine before you start on the tree. Knowing the correct procedures – and also when to cut down your type of tree – will ensure you’re kept completely safe.


Staying Safe

That being said, sometimes a tree will be beyond you, no matter how much experience you have with a chainsaw and trees. If the tree is large – you should only tackle small trees by yourself/with a friend – then you’ll have to contact a professional tree surgeon. If you’re really enthusiastic to get involved, they might help you be part of the process; but for the most part, stand back and let them take care of business – it’s their job, after all!


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