Tips For Making The Most Of Your Garden This Summer

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Garden This Summer

People who do not like gardening can not seem to understand while someone would spend their weekend outside on their hands and knees doing manual labour like digging up weeds or mowing the lawn. They just want to kick back and relax in their comfortable homes. However, every gardener knows that part of the appeal of gardening is the work itself. Creating a beautiful garden is a long and difficult process but watching as it slowly takes on the vision that you always had for it is a great pleasure. When you look out at it, you can be comforted by the thought that its symmetry, charm and utility are all down to you. The ache in your back and the mud on your clothes are all worth it.


However, another thing that is true about gardening is that gardens are not just there to be worked on, but to be enjoyed too. As Spring cedes to Summer, and garden parties become a possibility again, your garden comes into its own and you get to enjoy it properly. A garden is not just an ecosystem though (a facet that is especially important considering disturbing news about the fate of creatures like bees) it is a space that has many different possibilities. To maximise the use that you could get out of your garden this summer, here are a few ideas to improve it:  


You may already have a gorgeous patio that suits your garden perfectly. If you are especially diligent, you probably have a table and chairs and maybe even some patio heaters too but all of these are pretty useless when it rains unless you have a patio cover as well. It is not just spoiled parties that you have to worry about. Spending time on the patio while it is raining can be fun too. Wrapped up warm with a hot chocolate and watching the rain as it falls is just as about as relaxing as an activity can be. Patio covers can help make the dream a reality.


While flowers are beautiful and no one can blame you for wanting to fill your garden with them, your garden can serve other purposes too. Vegetable patches are a great way to utilise parts of your garden that would otherwise be unproductive. Growing vegetables is not at all difficult and if you grow them yourself, you can ensure that they are perfectly organic. Since their transit is from just outside your kitchen to your dinner table, you can be sure that they will be the freshest you’ve ever had and it cuts down on carbon emissions from planes and trucks too.


If you are so invested in your garden that you just want to work on it all Summer, then at the very least you can get your kicks from keeping an even closer eye on everything that is happening. New technology like PlantLink lets you keep track of how your plants are doing by monitoring the soil that they are in. It connects directly to your phone so you can worry about your garden wherever you are.

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