Tips on Growing Sweet Watermelon

Tips on growing watermelon

Watermelons are not especially hard to grow, however since they are so demanding I don’t think about watermelons an excellent plant for novice gardeners. (You can get lucky if you live in maximum conditions).

Beginning your watermelon seeds in the ground, right where they are supposed to grow. The soil should be at least 18 ° C for them to germinate.

Unless you have an extremely brief growing season, do NOT begin your watermelon seed in a pot or punnet.

Watermelon seed germinates easily and swiftly, within a couple of days. Watermelon plants outgrow the seedling stage extremely quickly, and they don’t such as transplanting. You do not save much time and you wind up with a weaker plant.



How to Grow Watermelons – Vegetable Gardener Jun 29, 2010

Make room for the sweet crunch of watermelons. They can even be coaxed to grow up trellises in smaller gardens.

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Watermelons need an extensive and warm growing season, regardless of what variety you choose. Read seed or seedling information carefully before purchasing, to be sure it will be possible to grow in your climate. There are many cultivars available, including seeded and seedless types. Red-fleshed watermelons include Royal Sweet, Oasis, Sugar Baby (a smaller melon), and Fiesta. Yellow-fruited watermelons include Sunshine and Yellow Baby (also smaller). Seedless varieties are considered harder to grow in home gardens, but you can try Triple Sweet, King or Queen of Hearts, or Tiffany among seedless cultivars.

Watermelons grow best in locations where there are long sunny days and warm temperatures. Daytime temperatures should be reliably in the 70s and 80s during the growing season, with nighttime temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees. As far as soil acidity, they prefer a pH in the 6.0 to 6.8 range for best growth, but will be fine in soils down to a 5.0 pH as well. A sandy, loamy soil rich in nutrients is the best for watermelons, to provide good drainage.

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