What Your Garden Says About You

What Your Garden Says About You

With summer on the way and temperatures staying mild, it isn’t a bad time to do a bit of gardening. Planting that new bedding you’ve been planning on or mowing the lawn. The English weather isn’t known to be the best but it hasn’t been so bad recently.

When the summer heat starts to rise we all get outside and soak up the sun while doing garden chores. Chatting to the neighbour while you’re cutting the hedge is just what you want this summer. Talking about what your new addition to the garden could be. Telling them you’ve been discussing with the other half about log cabins. Then they tell you how they want a new patio sorting out with french doors.

It isn’t a chore for us to keep our gardens presentable but more of a lifestyle. While you’re planting your new seedling the kids are in the pool you just brought out for the first time this year. As long as they’re kept busy while you’re kept busy, everybody is happy.

You’re keeping an eye on how you’re organic vegetables are doing. The tomato seedlings have grown a fair bit now and they’re ready to be taken off the window sill in the house and into the greenhouse. Along with the other vegetables, the greenhouse is full up and the process can be sped up. If only the weather turns hot it would be perfect.

The sun loungers and chairs need a good wipe down ready for when you have that first barbecue of the year. We all look forward to the first barbecue of the year and we can never accept it is summer until we have the first one.

Even though you’ve planted everything, it all needs maintaining of course. A good amount of water each day especially on a hot summer’s day is needed. If not enough water is used plants can die or wither and that is the last thing you would want.

Checking on your vegetables in the greenhouse every day is advised as pests can be a hinderance to the process. Slugs are one of the worst pests and can destroy plants and vegetables very easily if not looked after.

Also you need to check that your harvesting is timed right as you don’t want your vegetables too raw or left too long as they die and eventually drop off the plant. If you don’t water your plants enough they will die if not maintained correctly.

As well as plants and veg there are DIY jobs to be done usually. Re-painting the fence or leveling the garden to make it more presentable. Maybe it would be perfect for that gazebo. But depending on the size of your garden it represents you from what gardening you have done to it to make it presentable.

We love our gardens for what we do with them and how much time we spend there. It is a place to unwind and relax. Family and friends come over for that garden party you planned. Your garden is you and you make it what it is.

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