What’s In Your Shed? Here Are Some Of The Best Gardening Tools You Should Own

Gardening tools

Whether you’re new to gardening or you’ve got longstanding green fingers, it’s certainly important to have a few high tech tools in your shed to deliver optimum performance in the garden. With the right research, you can build up a box of tools to tackle all your gardening needs and designs. Here’s a list of six tools that you should invest in for the best gardening experience.


Roughneck Mattock

For heavy duty work that involves digging up roots, breaking up ground and digging trenches, you’ll need to invest in a Roughneck mattock. Featuring an arrangement of chopping and cutting blades it’s the ideal tool for digging through hard clay and soil. The wide blade chops into soil or clay and the cradled head works as a lever to pull out rocks and break open soil. It’s an essential for those keen on landscaping.


Telescopic Hedge Shear

If you want to do a lot of hedge trimming and tree maintenance, it is wise to invest in a telescopic hedge shear. Choose something with angled precision blades for easy to use light cutting. And also opt for a telescopic feature that will extend to those hard-to-reach places. Lightweight is also important if you are going to be doing a lot of work. Although bear in mind that the more lightweight your choice, the less likely they are to be able to do a lot of heavy work. The hedge shear is one of the most important tools in your box if you are a keen gardener, so choose wisely and don’t scrimp on price.  


Echo Chainsaw

Whether you want to take down a big tree are cutting firewood or pruning limbs, an Echo chainsaw is another essential piece of kit. Echo chainsaws are reliable, durable and designed to run smoothly. As this is a more expensive investment, follow this click to read reviews of Echo chainsaws so you can pick the best for your gardening needs.

Shed gardening tools

Lawn and Leaf Rake

It may be traditional in design, but a classic lawn and leaf rake is never going to go out of fashion. It’s an indispensable tool for gathering up leaves and debris, especially from hard to reach borders and corners. Choose a rake with steel tines to make light work of leaf collecting come fall. It’s important to clear up fallen leaves in your garden to ensure plants and grass below still get their much-needed light. Removing leaves also eliminate any fungal diseases. When you have gathered up all your leaves, a good option is to compost them or use them to create leaf mold.


Pruning Knife

Every gardener new or professional needs their trusty sidekick pruning knife. Choose one with a super sharp blade and a comfortable handle. And use it for everything from lightweight pruning and taking plant cuttings. And also for shaping rose bushes, thinning branches and getting rid of suckers. If you’re new to gardening and want to start a swish knife collection, this should be first on the list. Look for knives that include safety locks and at least a 3-inch blade.


Compost Tumbler

If you’re keen on creating compost, then a compost tumbler will give you a turnover of about three weeks instead of a couple of months. A compost tumbler reaches a high temperature which eliminates worms and kills off weed seeds and disease spores. If you have large quantities of material you want to compost then, it’s worth getting a tumbler.


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